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Hmm, I can imagine that grin on your face. Like me, you will probably spend much of your time experimenting with this pattern. I ve said a couple of times that the report design surface is like a canvas, and that s especially true of this pattern. Start from any direction; draw any control; mix and match any number of patterns; in short, have a fun time painting your ultimate creation. How about developing a personal dashboard with an RSS feed from your favorite news channel Yes, this all can be done. Look for your chance to practice this in 13. The example figures in this section are just for you to get the concepts. The real work of designing using different patterns will be covered starting in 4.
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CHAPTER 2: EAAccessory Framework
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Now that we can back up and restore a database, we have available other methods of dealing with the database. There may be a time in the life of our SQL Server database when we have to move it from one server to another, or in fact just from one hard drive to another. For example,
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further operators. For instance, you can define sorting over sequences by using a custom sorting function together with Seq.sortBy. Another useful query-like function is Seq.truncate, which takes the first n elements and truncates the rest. Using these new operators given, for example, an unbounded stream of random numbers you can extract the first three even numbers and return a pair of those numbers and their square in reverse order, as the following example shows: let rand = System.Random() let numbers = seq { while true do yield rand.Next(1000) } numbers |> |> |> |> Seq.filter (fun i -> i % 2 = 0) Seq.truncate 3 Seq.sort (fun i -> i, i*i) // "where" // sort ascending // "select"
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Table 5-2. The Methods on the HttpServletResponse Object (continued)
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With this definition, table t2 happens to be a proper subset of table t1, containing exactly 2,000 of the rows that also exist in t1. To demonstrate the effects of the three set operations, I need only run three queries (plus one spare to demonstrate the nonsymmetrical nature of the minus operator), with the results shown in Table 13-7.
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lot of misinformation exists on the Internet about histograms: what they do, what they look like, how they work, and when they don t work. There are also plenty of gaps in the available information. In this chapter, I hope to fill in some of those gaps and correct some of the misunderstandings. Unfortunately, I shall never know how successful I have been in this aim, because I recently came across bug 2757360 on MetaLink, dated Jan 2003, which included the wonderful line: There are any number of bugs on the CBO and histogram behavior ... You could ask many questions about histograms, but the important ones are probably these: what are histograms; how does Oracle use them; when does Oracle use them; when does Oracle ignore them; what problems do they solve; what problems do they introduce; and how do you build a useful histogram if Oracle won t do it for you The answers to all these questions are in this chapter.
Nearly all web pages need to take user input in one way or another. For example, the user may click buttons or links, or enter values in a web form. Furthermore, web forms typically impose various limitations for the values entered: many fields are required and must be supplied a value, date fields can only be set using date values, fields that expect numeric values reject alpha and special characters, and so on. WebSharper formlets provide an elegant, type-safe, robust way to build web forms and represent the structural make-up, the validations involved, and the layout and other presentation details as a single F# value. They re composable building blocks that can be enhanced and customized to an arbitrary complexity. The IntelliFactory.WebSharper.Formlet namespace contains various formlet controls and enhancements that you can apply, along with important formlet combinators such as Formlet.Run, which renders a formlet into a DOM node. A simple example is a text-box formlet that takes a string input from the user:
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