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From here you can select the build type you want to execute, the build machine you want to execute it on, and the build directory of that machine. All other options are not configurable from this dialog box. For now, leave the defaults, and click Build. At this point, you should see a progress dialog box as your build information is sent to the build machine. Once the build progress dialog box disappears, you will see a view of the build in progress. This view will be updated as the build continues on the build machine. Figure 5-14 shows a view of the build starting on the build machine, and Figure 5-15 shows a view of the build progressing on the build machine.
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from it on your PC. This will most likely damage the card irreparably. At the very least, it will wipe the contents of the card, so you ll lose your photographs.
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These objects are the same ones that are included in the request object for a JSP or servlet in a portlet application. They can be accessed as request attributes from that request object. The <defineObjects> tag is a convenient shortcut for using these objects from a JSP . Here is an example that uses the renderRequest variable from the <defineObjects> JSP tag:
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CHAPTER 9: Apple Developer Programs class code39
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Table 10-1. Order of Configuration Settings Executed and Location of Configuration File
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public function get songPosition():Number { return _songPosition; } public function set songPosition(val:Number):void { _songPosition = val; } public function get songLength():Number { return _songLength; } public function set songLength(val:Number):void { _songLength = val; } public function get songURL():String {
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package com.portalbook.portlets; import*; import javax.portlet.ActionRequest; import javax.portlet.ActionResponse; import javax.portlet.GenericPortlet; import javax.portlet.PortletConfig; import javax.portlet.PortletContext; import javax.portlet.PortletException; import javax.portlet.PortletRequestDispatcher; import javax.portlet.PortletSession; import javax.portlet.RenderRequest; import javax.portlet.RenderResponse; import javax.portlet.UnavailableException; import javax.portlet.WindowState; public class SearchPortlet extends GenericPortlet
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Another way of describing written guides or instructions; can refer to online sources of help as well as actual printed documentation.
his chapter gives you a short introduction to the world of distributed application development and its respective technologies. Here you get a chance to examine some scenarios in which .NET Remoting can be employed and learn some historical background on the progress and development of various remoting frameworks during the last ten years.
When to Use
Figure 9-1. Configuring a trusted site in Internet Explorer
$ sudo ./sandBoxTest FileContents: hello Write Failed: Operation not permitted
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