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8. Next down is the color/monochrome drop-down list. Here, you can select to scan
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Salesforce (http://salesforce.com) might not be sexy, but it s definitely Web 2.0. Sales and service people can collaborate around their customer bases, using not only the standard Salesforce applications, but also additional web applications built on the AppExchange protocol (http://www.salesforce.com/developer/). Salesforce excels at putting its services in the hands of engineers as well. Both of these are hallmarks of a good Web 2.0 application. To demonstrate Salesforce s Flex API, you will first create an application that shows the contact details of the customers in my Salesforce development database. To get started, you need to sign up for a free Salesforce developer account. You can sign for an account here:
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Even after taking great care during the coding phase, errors can crop up at run time in your website. Users make typos in page URLs, try to access areas that are restricted, network failures can happen, and so on. As a robust programming practice, you should make provisions to trap all such unexpected errors. In classic ASP, developers used to set custom error pages for web-server level errors (file not found, access denied, and so on) in IIS. This required physical access to the web server. Thankfully, ASP.NET allows you to specify such custom error pages in the web.config file. Let s see how.
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Outside .NET, OLE DB is still Microsoft s high-performance data access technology. The OLEDB data provider has been around for many years. If you ve programmed Microsoft Access in the past, you may recall using Microsoft Jet OLE DB 3.5 or 4.0 to connect with an Access database. You can use this data provider to access data stored in any format, so even in ADO.NET it plays an important role in accessing data sources that don t have their own ADO.NET data providers. The .NET Framework data provider for OLE DB is in the namespace System.Data.OleDb. Table 9-3 describes some important classes in the OleDb namespace. Table 9-3. Commonly Used OleDb Classes
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chart. By highlighting the cells before you started, you ve already done this, so you can click the Next button. However, first make sure that the First Row As Label option is selected.
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The settings on the Accessibility tab can help people with physical disabilities use the mouse. However, to enable these features, you need to enable Assistive Technologies in Ubuntu first, as follows:
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lot of directories that contain files. Windows also uses a hierarchical file system. Ubuntu refers to the very bottom level of the file system as the root. This has no connection with the root user.
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XQuery as SQL for XML data. The XQuery syntax is based on XPath expression syntax.
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Download at
How It Works
Configuring Ethernet
not the backup you wish to restore. This might occur in a development scenario where you wish to restore to a backup before major changes were done that you wish to remove. There would be no transaction log involved or required to be involved, therefore restoring to a point in time would not be a valid scenario. This is where the From Device option could be used. By selecting this option and clicking the ellipse to the right, you can navigate to any old backup files. Finally, you can click which of the items in the backup you wish to restore. The default is all files to be selected, as you can see in Figure 7-8. The settings shown will give us a backup that is as fresh as possible (the Most Recent Possible value for the To a Point in Time setting).
Note If you use Microsoft Visual Studio 2002, BeginInvoke() behaves a little strangely in the IDE. You
Listing 14-1. A Simple Web Server open open open open open System.Net System.Net.Sockets System.IO System.Text.RegularExpressions System.Text
Figure 9 2. Theming application user interface layout Press F5 to run the application. The application screen should now display all of the controls you ve added, including a white ellipse.
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