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Figure 11-2. Connecting a command to a connection
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Barcodes consist of black lines such that the width of each black line and the white space between lines coincides with the numbers of the UPC. In this report, the UPC is the data contained inside the ProductID column from table RealWorld.tblBarcode.
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Setting Up Network Homes with Active Directory Clients
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15 countries, so only 1 in 15 of that group is likely to come from Italy. Since 100 / 15 = 6.5, I expect 6 or 7 people to raise their hands. In SQL terms, I have predicate1 as month_no = 12 (selectivity = 1/12) and predicate2 as eu_country = 'Italy' (selectivity = 1/15). The formula says that the combined selectivity is (1 / 12) * (1 / 15). The formula is simply stating algebraically the arithmetic we ve just worked out intuitively for our audience. What about the or case Let s ask for people born in December or born in Italy to raise their hands. Of these, 1 in 12 were born in December (100), and 1 in 15 were born in Italy (80), so a first approximation says that 180 hands go up. But if we stop there, we are going to count some people twice the people who were born in December in Italy so we have to subtract them from our total. That s easy because we ve just worked out that the fraction of the audience born in December in Italy is (1 / 12) * (1 / 15). So the fraction of the audience we want is (1 / 12) + (1 / 15) (1 / 12) * (1 / 15): just as the formula says. Finally, how about the people who were not born in December Since 1/12 of the audience was born in December, it s obvious that 11/12 of the audience was not born in December. And again, our formula is simply stating the normal mental arithmetic: fraction not born in December = 1 fraction born in December. Those of you who are familiar with probability theory will have recognized the three formulae as the standard formulae for calculating the combined probabilities of independent events: Probability(A AND B occur) = Probability(A occurs) * Probability(B occurs) Probability(A OR B occurs) = Probability(A occurs) + Probability(B occurs) Probability (A AND B occur) Probability(NOT(A occurs)) = 1 Probability(A occurs) This equivalence is not really surprising. The probability of an event occurring is (loosely) the fraction of times it has occurred in previous tests; the selectivity of a predicate is (loosely) the fraction of rows in the table that match the predicate.
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select the src folder. You can check src to import everything, or expand it and select only the files you need. When done, click Finish. Note: If building outside of Eclipse, you might consider using an obfuscator a third-party program that can be used to automatically remove unused code from your program. The most widely used obfuscator for Java ME is Proguard. When you import the source files, note that some of them are included in the java.* package tree. Java ME is missing some common Java SE classes that are needed for Bouncy Castle to function properly, such as BigInteger. The download contains reimplementations of these classes. On some versions of the RIM software, you may need to rename the packages because the classloader does not approve of loading user-created code in the java namespace. The easiest way to rename is to right-click on a package in the Package Explorer, select Refactor and then Rename , change the name to something like, and finally click OK. Eclipse will work its magic, searching for and automatically converting all references to the affected files. Repeat for any remaining packages.
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The SqlDataReader object has a Read method that gets each row in turn and a GetValue method that gets the value of a column in the row. The particular column whose value it retrieves is given by the integer parameter indicating the index of the column. Note that GetValue() uses a zero-based index, so the first column is column zero, the second column is column one, and so on. Since the query asked for two columns, FirstName and LastName, these are the columns numbered 0 and 1 in this query result.
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Listing 3-3. Your HTML Form
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An Example
CHAPTER 5: Reviewing Logs and Monitoring
It s also worth noting that entire BizTalk applications can be started and stopped. This activity ensures that all BizTalk artifacts under an application are enlisted, started, enabled, and ready (depending on the artifact), without any knowledge required by the user. Figure 9 21 shows starting a BizTalk application.
In the new remoting client, shown in Listing 3-15, you see how to change the calls to GetName() and SetValue() to use delegates as well. Your client then invokes both delegates and subsequently waits for their completion before synchronously calling GetValue() on the server. In this instance, you use the same server application as in the preceding example. Listing 3-15. The New Client Now Using Asynchronous Delegates using using using using using System; System.Runtime.Remoting; General; System.Runtime.Remoting.Channels.Http; System.Runtime.Remoting.Channels.Tcp;
Connect your Windows Phone device to your developer workstation using a USB cable. To confirm that your device is properly connected and recognized by the Zune software, click the phone icon at the bottom left corner of the Zune Welcome screen, as indicated by the arrow in Figure 4 11.
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