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public override void Close() { reader.Close(); cnn.Close(); }
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('T -> 'U) -> 'T list -> 'U list ('T -> 'U) -> 'T [] -> 'U [] ('T -> 'U) -> 'T option -> 'U option ('T -> 'U) -> seq<'T> -> seq<'U>
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database objects, SQL Server, 51 Drop statement, 54 entity attributes, 51 foreign keys, 51 Insert Table dialog, 12 normalization, 51 relationships between, 69 views and, 52 VisualPhotoAlbum entities, 69 Task List option Environment node, 42 Task List window, 36 creating, 37 tblPhotoAlbum table VWD and SQL Express integration, 70, 71 tblPhotoAlbumPictures table VWD and SQL Express integration, 70, 72 TCP/IP SQL Server Express connections, 50 tempdb database, SQL Server, 50 text direction (of reading), 169 localization, websites, 169 Text Editor node environment options, VWD, 43 TextBox control, 82 themes adding, 110 adding customized themes, 206 adding style sheet to web project, 208 adding to a web page, 206 adding to a website, 207 App_Themes folder, 31 applying at application level, 113 applying at page level, 112 changing at runtime, 209 213 changing programmatically, 209 213 creating and implementing, 207 209 theme structure, 206 209 third-party tools, 25 Threading namespace storing language preferences, 182 tiers, 119, 120
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Using the Multicolumn Capabilities of RS
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Mac OS X 10.5 introduced a feature called Screen Sharing. Screen Sharing allows you to control a remote system and send and receive clipboard contents, simply by clicking on an icon in the sidebar of a Finder window. Screen Sharing is also built into iChat, allowing for very easy remote management from an Instant Messaging session. Screen Sharing provides only very limited capability compared to ARD, but it can be very useful for remote support or emergency server management. NOTE: Although opening the Screen Sharing application is most easily done from the sidebar of a Finder window, you can also open the application from the /System/Library/CoreServices folder. This means that you do not have to see a client, but can connect over an IP address; this is handy for connecting to remote locations where the computers will not appear in your sidebar for Mac OS X. Both Screen Sharing and Remote Desktop use the Virtual Network Computing (VNC) protocol to observe and control remote systems. The VNC system (and Screen Sharing) by itself does not provide for the same level of control as ARD. For example, you cannot send Unix commands over VNC or set up tiered access to VNC. ARD is easy to set up, and its customizable security features make the operating environment much more secure than VNC alone. Apple has expanded beyond the capabilities of VNC in its development of ARD, and has added a lot of new features while maintaining backward compatibility with clients such as Chicken of the VNC, UltraVNC, and RealVNC. If you do not have the ARD client installed, then you can still use VNC to access another computer remotely using Screen Sharing, but although this is equally as secure (it uses Kerberos to protect passwords by default), Screen Sharing has less configurable options than the Remote Desktop component of Apple Remote Desktop. Because VNC is a multiplatform remote connectivity protocol that allows you to remotely view and control Mac, Windows, or Linux systems, the Mac can be managed by any
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Client-Side Architecture Characteristics
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public UnavailableException(String text, int seconds)
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Note Just like DiffGram, the SqlXmlCommand object also allows you to update UpdateGrams. The
Figure 1 2. Windows Phone applications What application will you be developing We ve written this book to help and guide you through the steps it takes to write and launch a successful application to the Marketplace. So what are we waiting for Let s get started by diving into what Windows Phone has to offer to developers like you.
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