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public class MyCanvas extends Canvas() { public void paint(Graphics g) { g.drawImage(image, 50, 50, TOP_LEFT); } }
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Creating a Custom Implementation of XmlReader
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phpBB offers optional graphical emoticons to replace the common Internet punctuation faces such as :-) that have permeated e-mail for years. phpBB contains more than 20 emoticons by default, with the option to add plenty of others. To add an emoticon to a post, you can simply type the emoticon code that corresponds to the image you wish to use. Alternatively, you can use the clickable emoticons that sit on the side of the post form. phpBB shows only a few of the emoticons on the post form by default. If you wish to work with more emoticons, you can click View more Emoticons, and a window will pop open with the full suite of additional emoticons. You can click an emoticon in the pop-up window, and the appropriate code will be added. If users report problems with this window, their pop-up blocker probably stops that window from appearing.
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The option to disable private messages can be advantageous if your board is under siege from Tip
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Mouse Orientation: This option lets you set whether the mouse is to be used by a lefthanded or right-handed person. Effectively, it swaps the functions of the right and left buttons. Locate Pointer: This option allows you to show where the mouse is by displaying a ripple surrounding the mouse pointer when you press the Ctrl key. This can be useful for partially sighted people who may not be able to locate the cursor on a busy desktop. Acceleration: This setting controls how fast the mouse moves. Whenever you move the mouse, the pointer on the screen moves a corresponding amount. However, the cursor actually increases in speed the more you move your hand (otherwise, you would need to drag your hand across the desk to get from one side of the screen to the other). This is referred to as acceleration. If you set the acceleration too high, the pointer will fly around the screen, seemingly unable to stop. If you set it too slow, you ll need to ramp the mouse several times to make it go anywhere.
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Note In order for an XML record to be promoted, its ContentType property must be set to SimpleContent. All
The following code identifies where to find the UI controls that will be used to build this main page for this application. Using the namespace xmlns="" will allow you to add common Windows Phone controls like text boxes, buttons, and list boxes, which will be used to create the main page. Also we are adding a reference to a code-behind class (x:Class="IsolatedStorageSettingsDemo.MainPage") that will handle the main page controls events. <phone:PhoneApplicationPage x:Class="IsolatedStorageSettingsDemo.MainPage" xmlns=""
Invoking a Workflow
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