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- (void)writeData { while (([[session outputStream] hasSpaceAvailable]) && ([_writeData length] > 0)) { NSInteger bytesWritten = [[session outputStream] write:[_writeData bytes] maxLength:[_writeData length]]; if (bytesWritten == -1) { // handle write error break; } else if (bytesWritten > 0) { [_writeData replaceBytesInRange:NSMakeRange(0, bytesWritten) withBytes:NULL length:0]; } } }
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// pass_count counts the number of consecutive passes // (when players do not make a play). // This is used to find out if everyone passes one after the other, // in which case the game is over. int pass_count; // There are 15 spaces in the board. These constants are used in the static // constructor to create the board using symmetry. literal int BOARD_SIZE = 15; literal int BOARD_SIZEM1 = BOARD_SIZE - 1; literal int BOARD_MID = 7; literal int TILE_TYPES = 27; public: // The instance constructor creates the array of players // and the tile bag, which would have to be re-created for // each game. ScrabbleGame(unsigned int numPlayers) : nPlayer(numPlayers) { moveNum = 0; random = gcnew Random(); // Create the players. players = gcnew array<Player^>(numPlayers); for (unsigned int i = 0; i < numPlayers; i++) { Console::Write("Player {0} enter name: ", i); String^ s = Console::ReadLine(); players[i] = gcnew Player(s, i); } // Initialize the bag tiles. bag = gcnew List<Tile^>(TILE_COUNT); for (int i = 0; i < TILE_TYPES; i++) { for (int j = 0; j < tilePopulation[i]; j++) { Letter letter = safe_cast<Letter>(i); bag->Add(gcnew Tile(letter)); } } // The gameboard consists of an array of null pointers initially. gameBoard = gcnew array<Tile^, 2>(BOARD_SIZE, BOARD_SIZE); }
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To use the IndexSearcher object once you create it, call the search() method with your query as an argument:
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acwake: Wake when the system is connected to power; it s a 0 or 1. autorestart: Automatically restart when there s been a power loss (when the system is plugged in); use 0 or 1. disksleep: Number of minutes before the disk spins down. displaysleep: Number of minutes before the computers monitor (signal
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CHAPTER 3: Media Playback
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Note: The PIM classes can be located in the javax.microedition.pim package.
Download at
// Return true if the player accepts the play. bool ConfirmPlay(int score) { Console::WriteLine("This play is worth {0} points.", score); Console::Write("Is this your final play (Y/N) "); String^ response = Console::ReadLine(); if (response->StartsWith( "Y") || response->StartsWith("y")) { // Reset the pass count. pass_count = 0; return true; } return false; } // Return the number of tiles drawn. int ReplacePlayedTiles() { int count = 0; Console::Write("{0} draws tiles: ", players[playerNum]->Name); while ( players[playerNum]->tiles->Count < MAX_TILES_IN_HAND) { Tile^ tile = DrawTile(true); if (tile != nullptr) { count++; players[playerNum]->tiles->Add(tile); Console::Write(" {0} ", tile->ToString()); } else // The bag is empty. { Console::WriteLine("\nThe tile bag is empty."); return count; } } Console::WriteLine(); return count; } // Commit the confirmed play void RecordPlay(List<Tile^>^ { // Copy the working tiles players[playerNum]->tiles to the permanent gameboard. workingTiles, array<Tile^, 2>^ workingBoard) to the player tiles. = workingTiles;
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