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Before you begin to write a task, or a target for that matter, you should always doublecheck to make sure you re not reinventing the wheel. We will show how to create a simple task: HelloTask.
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Creating a Compression Sink
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Listing 5-3. Client That Uses IIS s Built-In Authentication Methods using using using using using using using System; System.Runtime.Remoting; System.Runtime.Remoting.Channels; System.Collections; System.Runtime.Remoting.Services; General; // from General.DLL Server; // from server.cs
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Name Value Font
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When I first started programming in Mac OS X, for a long time the term framework confused me. Even though it was made clear that a framework was basically a library, I couldn t seem to get around the difference in terminology. Why did they call it framework and not just library The main thing to remember is that a framework is more than a library. A framework is actually a directory; a hierarchical directory that contains shared resources such as a library. In addition to a library, a framework may contain nib files, images, strings, header files, and even documentation. Think of it as the all-encompassing package one level above a library. A framework, by means of its included libraries, provides a set of routines that can be used by the application to perform specific tasks. For example, UIKit provides the mechanisms for your application to communicate with the user via the iPhone s touchscreen. The Audio Toolbox framework provides the tools needed to allow the application to use sound. Figure 2 1 illustrates the general structure of a framework. Note that a framework includes much more than the shared library that we tend to think of as being the framework itself.
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Installing phpBB
Community slang describing an inelegant way of making something work, usually not in a way that is generally accepted as being correct. Pronounced kloodge.
Note When you use the preceding command, the tool generates a schema for all the classes in the
In this chapter, I ve introduced you to the basic concepts and lingo involved in forum administration. I ve showed you the important qualities in any good piece of forum software, and shown you how phpBB fits that mold. In the next chapter, I ll walk you through the process of installing your phpBB and making it operational. I ll take you through every nuance of the installation process, and give you a guided tour of the phpBB administration panel. You ll learn how to make basic configuration adjustments, create forums, and assign them moderators, all in an effort to get a basic community underway. Finally, I ll also preview the phpBB 3.0 installer and administration tools.
#!/usr/bin/perl $referer=$ENV{'HTTP_REFERER'}; print "Content-type:text/html\n\n"; if ($referer =~ m#^{ print "insert processes and code in place of this line"; } else { print "The server has encountered an error. Please go back and try again."; }
Can install to the GAC. Can install Windows services and Component Object Model (COM) components. Can write to the registry. Can deploy a database and create Open Database Connectivity (ODBC). The MSI can create databases, shortcuts, and so on. Allows custom actions to control every step of the deployment. Built upon a well-known standard. Can create Windows Installer Transforms (MST).
1. The first join we will look at is the INNER JOIN. This is where we have two tables and we want to list all the values where there is a join. In this case, we want to list all the shares where there is a share price, and we want to see every share price for that share. Notice that we don t need to define the word INNER. This is presumed if nothing else is specified. Also take note that, like columns, we have defined aliases for the table names. This makes prefixing columns easier. We are joining the two tables on ShareId, as this is the linking column between the two tables. Enter the following code: SELECT s.ShareDesc,sp.Price,sp.PriceDate FROM ShareDetails.Shares s JOIN ShareDetails.SharePrices sp ON sp.ShareId = s.ShareId 2. Once you have executed the code, you should see the output that appears in Figure 11-1. There is no output for ShareIds 3, 4, and 5, as they have no share price.
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