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Listing 6-15. An Exception-Handling View Implementation
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About the Technical Reviewer
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Portlet Concepts
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SqlCommand SqlConnection SqlDataAdapter SqlDataReader SqlError SqlException SqlParameter SqlTransaction
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8. You ve completed the Table Wizard. The next step is to create a form, so select
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Entries in the list can be right-clicked and quarantined or deleted. Quarantining is where the file is moved to a special directory for inspection or deletion later on. You can manage quarantined files using the Quarantine Maintenance menu. While the impulse might be to simply delete the file, you should be cautious. Be aware that ClamTk might be reporting a false positive a file that it thinks is infected with a virus, but which isn t. This is rare but can happen. If you do find a file you know is a false positive, right-click it and select Quarantine. Then click Quarantine Maintenance. In the list, select the file and click False Positive. This will ensure it s ignored next time you scan. So what should you do if you find a file is infected First, don t panic. Remember that practically all viruses that ClamAV is likely to find are targeted at Windows systems and don t affect Linux.
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Figure 1-14. Sample run of the application
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Clicking the Update Manager icon opens the Update Manager window, as shown in Figure 9-18. To go online and grab the updated files, simply click the Install Updates button at the bottom-right side of the window. You will probably be asked to enter your root password, because system files will need to be altered.
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Sub OpenConnection() ' Create connection conn = New SqlConnection( _ "data source = .\sqlexpress;" _ & "integrated security = true;" _ & "database = tempdb" _ ) ' Open connection conn.Open() End Sub Sub CloseConnection() ' Close connection conn.Close() End Sub Sub CreateCommand() cmd = New SqlCommand() cmd.Connection = conn End Sub
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First you need to set the parameters of your design. What will the controller do In thinking about the game of Pong, you obviously will want the controller to handle the movement of your paddle.
The play() method creates and displays a PlayingScreen for the recorded media.
In Figure 9-6, the server application receives a message, and the associated element in the diagram is labeled ILibrary.RequestBook. Likewise, the client application receives a message and that element is labeled ILibrary.RespondToRequest. These are the methods in the service contract that you implemented in 8. (To save space in the diagram, I abbreviated ILibraryReservation to just ILibrary.) Open the Reservation.cs file, and you should see the following interface definition: [ServiceContract] public interface ILibraryReservation { [OperationContract] void RequestBook(ReservationRequest request);
Use the largest free space that might already exist on the hard disk (perhaps if you ve already manually repartitioned the disk). Manually edit the partition table; that is, resize/delete any existing partitions by hand and create the Ubuntu partitions. Most people who are installing Ubuntu on a computer that already has Windows on it will want to resize the main partition, as described next. If you re installing Ubuntu on a computer that has no operating system installed or one that you would like to completely erase from the computer, follow the instructions under Use Entire Disk.
Drupal provides you with the tools to translate any of the strings in its interface directly from the web browser. Perhaps the PO file that you imported didn t cover 100% of the interface, or perhaps you would like to customize the translations. You start this process by searching for strings, using the Manage Strings tab of the admin/ locale page (admin/locale/string/search). String searches are case-sensitive. Wildcards are unnecessary, since string fragments will be matched. Using the Language and Search In controls, you can refine your search to strings in a specific language that are translated, untranslated, or both. Leaving the Strings to Search For field blank will return all of the strings matching the other selected criteria. To search for all of the strings in a target language that still need translating, leave the search form blank, choose the target language, and select Only Untranslated Strings. Drupal will return all of the strings that exist in English but not the target language. Figure 3-4 shows an example of the results of searching for strings that are not yet translated into Japanese. The fact that these strings don t exist in Japanese can be recognized by the language code in strike-through (ja) in the Locales column. Locales that have translations are listed normally. Use the edit link for any of these strings to provide a translation. In many cases, the original string is one or more words that can be translated directly. Often, however, either HTML or placeholders for dynamic strings are involved. The translator needs to be able to recognize both of these in order not to change the placeholder or the HTML, but rather to use the placeholder in the appropriate place within the translated string. Here is an example of a string that contains both: <a href="%link">more help. . .</a>
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