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NOTE: A .twr file is a Tripwire report file. To scan for changes that have been made to the system, run this command:
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There are two dramatically different strategies that the optimizer could use for this query. One strategy will try to find an ordering of the four tables that joins each table to the next in the most efficient way, possibly coming up with an execution plan that scans the fact1 table, and uses nested loop joins or hash joins to each of the dimension tables in turn to eliminate the unwanted data. For example, the optimizer may simply smash its way through all the data doing a three-step hash join as follows: Execution Plan (autotrace ---------------------------------------------------------0 SELECT STATEMENT Optimizer=ALL_ROWS (Cost=10608 Card=423404 Bytes=49538268) 1 0 HASH JOIN (Cost=10608 Card=423404 Bytes=49538268) 2 1 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'DIM_23' (TABLE) (Cost=25 Card=20 Bytes=560) 3 2 HASH JOIN (Cost=10576 Card=486914 Bytes=43335346) 4 3 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'DIM_31' (TABLE) (Cost=33 Card=20 Bytes=560) 5 4 HASH JOIN (Cost=10536 Card=754717 Bytes=46037737) 6 5 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'DIM_53' (TABLE) (Cost=55 Card=20 Bytes=560) 7 6 PARTITION RANGE (ALL) (Cost=10469 Card=2000000 Bytes=66000000) 8 7 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'FACT1' (TABLE) (Cost=10469 Card=2M Bytes=66M) This execution plan scatters the three-dimension table into memory (probably using an area of memory of at least half the hash_area_size for each in-memory hash table if you aren t using the automatic workarea_size_policy feature), and then reads each partition from the fact table in turn, probing the three hashed dimension tables before reporting (or discarding) the fact1 row. Consequently, the cost of the query is close to the cost of performing the full
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This namespace includes classes that are used to implement and customize the lease-based lifetime management system.
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you should share it with as many people as you can. Whether you send it to a few friends for fun, or sell it to hordes of eager consumers, people will appreciate your effort and achievement.
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To explain how you can use the ClickOnce data directory to store data files, we ll show how to build a simple application that allows a user to enter some text into a text area and then save it for later. The user can shut down the application and later return to continue working. Figure 8-3 shows the user interface of the application. The application is also available via a ClickOnce deployment at
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As is shown in Figure 11-1, Expression Blend allows you to work in design and source (XAML) mode simultaneously. For example, you can draw an object at the top in design mode, and the XAML in the source window will be updated automatically. In addition, you can just as easily edit the XAML, and the change will be reflected automatically in the design window.
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There are many instances where it can be beneficial to work with dates in your script. At a terminal prompt, it is really straight forward to grab the date----simply use the date command with no arguments and you will get something similar to the following, including the day, date, time (with seconds), time zone and year:
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By clicking the Policies tab of the DAVE Network preference pane, you will be able to configure signing and the acceptable authentication levels for the Samba sharing. A man-in-the-middle attack is when an attacker is able to read or modify communications
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Of course, retrieving the records in the order of the clustered index may not always be what you desire. However, it is possible to change the order in which you return records. This is achieved through the ORDER BY clause, which is part of the SELECT statement. The ORDER BY clause can have multiple columns, even with some being in ascending order and others in descending order. If you should find that you are repeatedly using the same columns within an ORDER BY clause, or that the query is taking some time to run, you should consider having the columns within the query as an index. (Indexes were covered in 6.)
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<html> <title>Web Browser Help File</title> <body> <h1>Welcome to the Windows Phone 7 Car Browser Application! To view the car photos, type the name of the car in the textbox and press "Show It!" <br/><br/>For example, "Ford Mustang"</h1> </body> </html> 3. Save the file by pressing the Save button in Visual Studio. Next, right-click XMLFile1.xml in the Solution Explorer and click Rename. Change the name of that file to Help.htm and make sure that the Build action for that file is set to Content (by right-clicking and selecting Properties to bring up the Properties window). Now you will need to jump slightly ahead to the material covered in 13 (Isolated Storage). Here s why: while you would expect the Help.htm file to be automatically available to the application running on Windows Phone 7, it isn t. Before it is available to your application, the Help.htm file created in the previous step needs to be available to your application in the Isolated Storage, which you can think of as disk space reserved for use by your application on Windows Phone 7. As your application loads, you ll need to copy Help.htm to an Isolated Storage location first, and then retrieve it from there for display by the WebBrowser control. For the time being, simply add the following using directives to the top of the code page and then copy into your code the SaveHelpFileToIsoStore method shown in Listing 8 1.
One thing to keep in mind is that while viewing data from the Active Directory plug-in directly (by changing directories into it), you can verify that you have a connection to your organization s directory services. However, simply being able to view the raw directory service data does not in fact mean that you can authenticate against it. As with dsconfigldap in 2, the final step is to use the information gathered about your test user and verify that you user matches in the /Search path as well.
<destination id="ro"> <security> <security-constraint> <auth-method>Custom</auth-method> <roles> <role>roUser</role> </roles> </security-constraint> </security> </destination>
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