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whether a file has the SUID bit set, you can run an ls -l command in a given directory to look for any file with a listing that has an s listed rather than an execute bit in the permissions line for owners of the file. For example:
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Figure 4-4. Creating a Remote Mount with Disk Utility
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If you ve switched to Ubuntu from Windows, there s a very good chance that the security failings of Windows featured in your decision. Windows Vista contains many improvements, but Microsoft s record on security over the past few years has been appalling. New and serious security warnings appeared on an ongoing basis, and even now, new and devastating viruses make news headlines with worrying frequency (usually described as a PC virus rather than what it actually is a Windows virus). One argument is that Windows is the target of so many viruses merely because it s so popular. Although it s true that some of those who write viruses do so because they dislike Microsoft, there s also little doubt that Windows has more than its fair share of security issues. Many people are still critical of Microsoft s approach to security. For example, Microsoft s latest operating system, Windows Vista, features User Account Control (UAC) dialog boxes that appear whenever a system-affecting action is required. However, they are so common that many people stop reading what they warn about, and simply click OK by reflex. Compare this to Ubuntu. Similar dialog boxes appear whenever a system-affecting action is required, but here the user s password must be entered. This forces the user to stop and think, rather than simply clicking a mouse button. Also, the Ubuntu password dialog boxes have more of any impact because they appear far less frequently than UAC dialog boxes. While Vista offers reasonable security, Microsoft s previous operating system, Windows XP, is considered an easy target for hackers and virus writers. Upon installation, the default user is given root powers. True, a handful of tasks can be performed only by the genuine administrator, but the default user can configure hardware, remove system software, and even wipe every file from the hard disk. While you would never intentionally damage your own system, computer attackers use various techniques to get you to run malicious software (by pretending it s a different file, for example) or simply infect your computer across the Internet without your knowledge, which is how most worms work. Viruses and worms also usually take advantage of security holes within Windows software. As just one example, a famous security hole within Outlook Express some years ago allowed a program attached to an e-mail message to run when the user simply clicked a particular message to view it. In other words, infecting a Windows machine was as easy as sending someone an e-mail message! It s a different story with Linux. Viruses and worms are far rarer than they are on Windows. In fact, the total number of viruses and worms that have been found in the wild infecting Linux systems number far less than 100 (one report published in 2003 put the number at 40,
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// Everyone draws their tiles. for (int i = 0; i < nPlayer; i++) { players[i]->tiles = gcnew List<Tile^>(MAX_TILES_IN_HAND); for (int j = 0; j < MAX_TILES_IN_HAND; j++) { players[i]->tiles->Add( DrawTile(true)); } Console::Write("{0} draws tiles: ", players[i]->Name, i); for (int j = 0; j < MAX_TILES_IN_HAND; j++) { Console::Write("{0} ", players[i]->tiles[j]->ToString()); } Console::WriteLine(); } return firstPlayerIndex; } // Play plays the game from start to finish // return the winning player. Player^ Play(int firstPlayer) { playerNum = firstPlayer; gameOver = false; do { gameOver = PlayerMove(); playerNum = ( playerNum + 1 ) % nPlayer; PrintScores(); Console::WriteLine("Press ENTER to continue..."); Console::ReadLine(); Console::Clear(); moveNum++; } while (! gameOver); // The game is over. AdjustPointTotals(); Console::WriteLine("Final scores: "); PrintScores(); int winningPlayer = FindWinner(); if (winningPlayer != -1) { return players[winningPlayer]; } else return nullptr; }
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Let s add the header to the report; although the MS access report in Figure 10-1 also has a footer, we ll skip it in our report. As usual, adding a header is simple: right-click the open area inside the report designer and select Page Header. Your report design surface should look similar to Figure 10-5.
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Sep 7 21:23:31 helyx /usr/local/bin/[1461]: hello
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Figure 2 22. Creating a new flat file schema 4. 5. On the Welcome screen of the BizTalk Server Flat File Wizard page, click Next. On the Flat File Schema Information page (shown in Figure 2 23), specify the information that will be used as input to generate the specifics of the desired flat file schema: Instance File: Use this to specify where your source instance file is located. Record Name: Specify the Root node of the schema you want to create. For this example, enter CustomerSalesOrder. Target Namespace: Specify the namespace of the schema you d like to create. Code Page: This identifies the encoding format of a file. In this instance, use the default, which is UTF-8 (65001). Count Positions in Bytes: This specifies whether positions are calculated by bytes. If this box is not checked, positions will calculated by characters.
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Next comes some style tweaking. To do something more attractive with the images, which otherwise display sequentially in the text, add two rules to allow you to float images to the left or right as you feel appropriate. Floating an image in this way allows the text to flow around the image. Add a margin to prevent the text from flowing too closely to the images. Also add two .storycontent rules to adjust the margins of the article paragraphs and headings to add a little more white space to the article. If text is too dense, it can be hard for your visitors to read. Listing 17-12 shows the new rules added to the style sheet. Listing 17-12. New Style Rules in styles.css .imageleft { float: left; margin-right: 1.5em; margin-bottom: 0.5em; } .imageright { float: right; margin-left: 1.5em; margin-bottom: 0.5em; } .storycontent p { margin-bottom:0.75em; } .storycontent h2 { margin-top:1.5em; margin-bottom:0.5em; } In order to choose which way an image floats, you just need to add the appropriate class attribute to the image tag in the article. Figure 17-19 shows the code in the article, in this case floating an image to the left.
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XML Can Be Used to Easily Share Data
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CHAPTER 16: Server Security
The Java Content Repository API (JCR API, id=170) is a common interface to content management systems, just like the portlet API is a common interface for portals. The JCR API is Java Specification Request 170
From the above you compiled Notepad application and created Notepad.xap file. In this section you will be deploying the application. Open your browser of choice and go to and sign into the portal.
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