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Possibly the most important difference between BlackBerry devices, the screen resolution will determine what art assets are available for use, what size of sprites to create, how much text you can fit on a screen without wrapping, and so on. You can generally reuse an application s design between two different BlackBerry devices that share the same screen resolution. If the resolutions are different, you should decide whether a redesign is necessary. The BlackBerry CLDC UI components generally adjust well to multiple screen sizes so long as you stick to simple organizations like the VerticalFieldManager. However, elaborate user interfaces that look great on one screen size may be illegible on another. In addition, touch-screen devices can be rotated into either portrait or landscape mode. Here too, so long as you stick to common UI designs, your app will probably function well in both orientations. Otherwise, you have a few options. Lock the screen into a particular orientation. You can do this by calling Ui.getUiEngineInstance().setAcceptableDirections(), passing in one of the direction orientations from the net.rim.device.api.system. Display class, such as Display.DIRECTION_LANDSCAPE or Display.DIRECTION_PORTRAIT. Detect the device orientation by calling Display.getOrientation(). This will return one of the enumerated direction values listed above. Then, display an appropriate UI for that orientation. You might need to switch to another UI if the user rotates while on the same screen. Some common BlackBerry devices and their screen resolutions are shown in Table 10-2.
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Each portlet application needs a web application deployment descriptor named web.xml that resides in the WEB-INF directory. Three portlet application settings are common to the web application and belong in web.xml. The description
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Take inventory of your contributed modules and check to see that they have also been updated. You can do this by monitoring the downloads page ( Modules) for the new release to which you wish to update. If the module doesn t appear on the list, it hasn t been updated yet.
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property. You know that no test cases failed if the NumNUnitFailures is zero. This is written as a condition as '$(NumNUnitFailures)' == '0'. You know that failures existed if the condition '$(NumNUnitFailures)' != '0' evaluated to true. If the test cases are successful, then the log file is moved to the location of the successful path. Now that you know how the main section of the target file works, we ll show you how you can clean up after this target easily. As you create new targets and tasks, you most likely will be creating files, especially if you are thinking about incremental building. Remember, incremental building requires inputs and outputs. When you are creating these new files, it is important to clean the files when the user desires as well. The best way to do this is to perform this action as a part of the normal Clean target. You have many different options about how to implement this, but the best solution would extend the normal clean to also clean any generated files, would not affect any other clean enhancements, and would be portable across different projects. The clean process defined in the NUnit.targets file meets all of these requirements. Now you will examine this to see how you should clean up newly generated files.
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2 10. Defining Regular Expressions
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properties you can set. Specific to HTTP, both the Send and Receive properties are listed. A complete list of Send properties appears in Table 6 7.
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3. Changing the example to include the STR() function will convert this numeric to a string of varying length such as varchar(). SELECT 'A'+STR(82) 4. Instead of an error, we now see the desired result, which appears in Figure 11-33. However, it isn t really desirable as there are spaces between the letter and the number. Leading zeros are translated to spaces.
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that the framework intercepts the exceptions thrown by an application and supplies custom information (which contains less data) instead. Here on means to filter all exceptions, whereas off allows the applicationspecific exceptions to pass through to the caller.
namespace EncryptionSink { public class EncryptionServerSink: BaseChannelSinkWithProperties, IServerChannelSink { private IServerChannelSink _nextSink; private byte[] _encryptionKey; private String _encryptionAlgorithm; public EncryptionServerSink(IServerChannelSink next, byte[] encryptionKey, String encryptionAlgorithm) { _encryptionKey = encryptionKey; _encryptionAlgorithm = encryptionAlgorithm; _nextSink = next; } public ServerProcessing ProcessMessage(IServerChannelSinkStack sinkStack, IMessage requestMsg, ITransportHeaders requestHeaders, Stream requestStream, out IMessage responseMsg, out ITransportHeaders responseHeaders, out Stream responseStream) {
Figure 4 26. The Error Report properties available in filters Table 4 8 shows the error-reporting properties promoted on errored messages. Table 4 8. Error-Reporting Properties Promoted on Errored Messages
Building Portlets with the Portlet API
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