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Open the BizTalk Explorer, and create a send port that uses the File adapter.
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Figure 9-7. Viewing a connection string
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Be sure to set the port numbers that you configured in the Email Server Simulator window on the new account. This will usually be available under the advanced options, as shown in Figure 4-13. Without the correct port numbers, the client will not be able to connect with the ESS.
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Step 1: Creating a Data Table
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Figure 11-44. Finding out a value is numeric
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will also have to be dumped to disk and reread. Figure 12-2 indicates how the mechanism might work if the required hash table was about four times the size of the available memory.
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Noun Noun/ verb Noun
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Figure 1-3. The report creation process
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The repository of contributed Drupal modules is vast and diverse in scope. Installing and configuring Drupal modules tends to follow a common pattern that includes moving files into the modules folder on the web server, possibly updating the database schema, and enabling the module from the admin/modules screen. Modules usually have a settings page, which can be accessed via administer settings. In this chapter, you learned how to install, configure, and use some useful modules: TinyMCE, Image, Image Assist, Flexinode, Event, Location, Organic Groups, Spam, Database Administration, and Devel. In this and the previous chapters, you ve learned how Drupal sites work and what you can do with them. In the next chapter, you will dive into the world of theming your Drupal site so that you can control how every element looks and make your site a visual masterpiece. Based on an abstract theme layer, Drupal s theme system allows you to access and control the HTML that is created without needing to modify the source code for modules or core files. This is not only good software architecture, but it also opens the door for sophisticated usage such as running multiple sites (each with their own theme) off a common codebase. Running multiple Drupal sites is covered in 6.
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SQL updategrams are extremely useful when you need a lightweight implementation to insert, update, or delete data from a SQL table. This recipe demonstrates how to use the Add Generated Items Wizard as well as how to insert records into a SQL table. This recipe did not address the need to process exceptions that may occur when inserting records into a SQL table. The focus of this recipe was to demonstrate how to insert a record into a single table; however, updategrams can also affect data in multiple tables. The Add Generated Items Wizard creates only a single schema for a single table. However, if you want to modify multiple tables in the same call, you can run the wizard multiple times and then copy the generated schemas into a single schema, or you can manually adjust the autogenerated schema and add the nodes. Assume you have a Customer table and an Order table. For each customer, you insert into the Customer table, you would also like to insert the corresponding orders to the Order table. If you knew the structure of the Order table, you could add the structure to the autogenerated schema, and BizTalk will know to insert the records into a table with the name of the node you specified. Figure 6 20 displays the structure of the modified schema to also insert records into the Order table. A better approach to modifying the autogenerate schema would be to consider using a SQL stored procedure to manage the insertion of data into multiple tables.
Combining Hessian and Flex
To successfully read messages from an MSMQ queue, you must appropriately format the name of the queue via the Queue property. The appropriate name depends on the type and location of the queue. The following list defines the way the Queue property should be entered for the commonly implemented queues: Public queue: ComputerName\QueueName Private queue: ComputerName\Private$\QueueName Direct access to a queue via TCP: DIRECT=TCP:IPAddressOfComputer\QueueName
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A distinction is often made between shared-memory concurrency and message passing concurrency. The former is often more efficient on local machines and is covered in the section Using SharedMemory Concurrency later in this chapter. The latter scales to systems where there is no shared memory for example, distributed systems and can also be used to avoid performance problems associated with shared memory. Asynchronous message passing and processing is a common foundation for concurrent programming, and this section looks at some simple examples of messagepassing programs.
Using the Connection String in the Connection Constructor
dseditgroup -o edit a myadmingroup1 -t group admin
Listing 10-1. A JUnit Test Method That Will Always Fail
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