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Modifying Addresses
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Perhaps the most important differences between Linux and Windows are the following: The Linux file system doesn t use drive letters. The Linux file system uses a forward slash (/) instead of a backslash (\) in filename paths.
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An aggregation is where SQL Server performs a function on a set of data to return one aggregated value per grouping of data. This will vary from counting the number of rows returned from a SELECT statement through to figuring out maximum and minimum values. Combining some of these functions with the DISTINCT function, discussed later in the section Distinct Values, can provide some very useful functionality. An example might be when you want to show the highest value for each distinct share to demonstrate when the share was worth the greatest amount. Let s dive straight in by looking at different aggregation types and working through examples of each.
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Giving Feedback to Your Users When Something Goes Wrong
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Method Description
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.NET-based server When you browse to a file (HTTP-GET) with the .asmx extension, the ASP recognizes it as a web service request and delivers the service s description page, which often includes test capabilities and a link to the service s WSDL. (You download the WSDL by adding WSDL to the URL.) That ASP .NET does this for you saves you from building these for yourself, providing a huge productivity boost. Moreover, the WSDL files that describe your service are generated automatically for you based on your web service code. This ensures that your WSDL description is always up-to-date with your latest code.
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Adding a Header
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Principal URL: specify the URL to the user s calendar. You will typically leave this blank, as it is best to let it automatically determine the appropriate URL based upon the user provided username. Account username and password: specify the username and password to authenticate as. You will likely want to leave these fields blank, which will require the user to enter them upon configuration. Use SSL: enable CalDAV over SSL, make sure to specify the
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S_A_S CPU Costing
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