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Lets you quickly retrieve contact information from your Evolution address book. Shows the battery level on notebooks and whether outlet power is in use. Allows you to adjust the brightness of a laptop screen. Displays a palette of accented or unusual characters; click a character to insert it into the text. Allows you to decrypt, encrypt, or sign contents of the clipboard, provided encryption is set up (see 9). Displays the time and date (active by default). Lets you quickly connect to remote servers, such as FTP (equivalent of clicking Places Connect to Server). Shows CPU frequency and, on compatible hardware and if correctly configured (see 8), lets you change CPU frequency. Adds a quick search text box that allows you to search the Ubuntu software library or the Web. Displays a text box that will look up words according to online dictionaries. Lets you quickly mount and unmount removable disks. Displays a drawer icon that, when clicked, slides out to reveal yet more applets. Displays a selection of mouse actions to choose from for the dwell click feature (see the Accessibility Settings section earlier in this chapter).
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Here, I assume you know the basics of both Ruby and Rails. For the purpose of adding a Flex interface to a Ruby on Rails application, let s revisit the example application presented in the section Generating database-driven applications. That example application showed how a Flex interface facilitated CRUD operations on a table that maintained a list of books. Ruby on Rails is very capable of generating CRUD applications based on database tables, and so the example fits in well to demonstrate how Rails and Flex can be combined effectively. The Rails framework provides an MVC implementation, in which the model, view, and controller classes are generated based on the configuration and the underlying database. When you use Flex and Rails together, you keep the model and the controller within Rails and create a Flex view to work with the Rails model and controller. If you worked through the example earlier, you have the MySQL table called books within the saventech database. If not, create the table and populate it with data as instructed earlier in the chapter. Now go to the directory where you would like to create your Rails application and enter rails book_list on the command-line interface. This will create a rails project called book_list for you. Remember that the command-line interface will vary according to your operating system. (Moreover, I am assuming that you have Rails installed and configured.) At this stage, the Rails framework generates the essential artifacts, which will be used to generate the model, view, and controller. Now get inside the project directory, book_list, and enter the command to generate the model and the controller. To create the model, you enter the following command:
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The ScriptManager Class
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12. Within the Page_Loaded event handler, first obtain an instance of StartingHandService. Then, in the GetHandsCompleted event handler, bind the ItemsSource of the DataGrid to the result returned from the service call, as shown in the following code. Note that normally you will want to check the result to make certain that the web service call was successful, and alert the user accordingly in case of failure. using WCFService.StartingHandServiceReference; ...
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These styles come directly from misc/drupal.css. If you wish to change any of them, you shouldn t edit the drupal.css file directly, for several reasons: Upgrading to a newer Drupal version will be difficult. You will need to remember that you made the changes and merge your altered file with the newer file that comes with the upgrade. As I will discuss in the next chapter, several sites can be run from one codebase. If you change drupal.css, the changes will affect all of the sites you run on that particular codebase. It isn t necessary to change drupal.css. The nature of CSS means that writing the same or more specific rule in another style sheet, such as your theme s style.css, will override the rule in drupal.css. If what you are interested in achieving is modifying or altering the rules defined in drupal.css, the best method is to copy the rules into style.css in your theme and change them there. Removing drupal.css Sometimes, you might want to get rid of drupal.css altogether for a site. Perhaps you want to view the site on a device for which none of the styles make sense, and instead of overriding them all, you simply want to avoid loading the style sheet to begin with. Deleting drupal.css will cause 404 Not Found errors to be written to your logs every time a page loads, so don t do that. The solution relies on the very techniques that this chapter has been discussing all along, namely overriding themable functions. The function in question is named theme_stylesheet_import, is found in includes/, and is responsible for printing the tags that import style sheets. To block drupal.css from being loaded, you need to override the theme_stylesheet_import function in your theme s template.php file. For Bluemarine, this will be themes/bluemarine/ template.php, and the function will be named phptemplate_stylesheet_import. Here is the modified function: function phptemplate_stylesheet_import($stylesheet, $media = 'all') { if ($stylesheet != 'misc/drupal.css') { return theme_stylesheet_import($stylesheet, $media); } }
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6. After making this choice, the configuration program will quit. Then you must update the changes
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PortletRequestDispatcher override any existing parameters with the same name on
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Many programming tasks require the iteration, aggregation, and transformation of data streamed from various sources. One important and general way to code these tasks is in terms of values of the .NET type System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<type>, which is typically abbreviated to seq<type> in F# code. A seq<type> is a value that can be iterated, producing results of type type on demand. Sequences are used to wrap collections, computations, and data streams and are frequently used to represent the results of database queries. The following sections present some simple examples of working with seq<type> values.
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Order By _ Descending
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Vehicles.SpeedBoat.registerClass('Vehicles.SpeedBoat', Vehicles.Boat);
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The data tier is responsible for containing and managing all the data of the projects. For instance, the source control database is located on this machine, along with several other databases. This machine must have SQL Server 2005 installed and running. SQL Server 2005 has many new features that TFS utilizes. For instance, Reporting Services generates the build reports, and you can create your own new reports if you are familiar with this technology.
CHAPTER 7: Client Management
The following sections describe each of these areas in more detail.
The other issue is the problem of finding a histogram definition that just happens to work if you can t get a frequency distribution histogram. Basically, it is a question of choosing the right number of buckets to make a popular value visible if there is such a value. The optimizer seems to check for popular values by comparing the number of buckets defined against the number of endpoints stored. If you check view user_tab_histograms for a specific column, then the maximum value for column endpoint_number (assuming you haven t switched from a height balanced histogram to a frequency distribution histogram) will be one less than the number of rows stored if there are no popular values. To show how awkward it can be to find the right number of buckets for a histogram, look at Table 10-4, which was generated from the data used for the tests in join_card_06.sql. It lists a range of bucket counts and shows whether or not each bucket count managed to identify a popular value remember, all I am doing in this test is changing the number of buckets in the
App_LocalResources: This is a directory that you can use to store resources that are
One really nice feature of IIS is the facility to provide and use application pools. An application pool can contain a number of applications, and it allows you to configure levels of isolation between different web applications. For example, if you want to isolate each ASP.NET application on your web server from every other one, you could create a separate application pool for each one, and then place your applications in them. As each application pool runs in its own worker process, an error in one application will not affect others.
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