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As of Xsan 2, you no longer need to associate a serial number with a specific client. Rather, you build a pool of serial numbers which Xsan provisions to clients automatically as they join the SAN. (Each client needs a unique serial number to be able to mount the volume). When you purchase Xsan, Apple will often distribute serial numbers via e-mail. In this case, you can simply lasso them and drag them into the License area of this screen. Otherwise you can use the Add Serial Number screen to type each one in manually. In either case, Xsan 2 will then dynamically allocate licenses to clients when needed. Hit Continue to go to the SAN metadata network screen. Per best-practice guidelines, the metadata network should be dedicated----in other words, solely for Xsan traffic with no other devices attached. To keep dropped packets and collisions to a minimum, it should have a good switch (no D-Link, LinkSys, or the like) and shouldn t be a VLAN from a bigger switch or have any managed switching services (such as link aggregation or spanning tree protocol) enabled. Also per best practices, each client should have two connected network interfaces. One is for your standard network and must be able to provide directory services, Internet access, file server access, and so forth. The second, the metadata interface, should be dedicated to Xsan traffic and need not be routable or running any DHCP services. As a result, clients on this interface will need static IP addresses. In the SAN metadata
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Reporting Services Architecture: A Closer Look
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To create a proxy for the web service by using Visual Studio, you must first create the client application because the proxy always resides there. Though any type of application can act as a client to the web service, as an example we will create a Windows application that consumes the web service. Create a new Windows application in Visual Studio. Right-click the project in Solution Explorer and choose Add Web Reference. The Add Web Reference dialog box shown in Figure 9-10 will be displayed.
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Weighing Up the StatusQuo
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Declares an enumeration with all members public Declares an enumeration with all members public Used to iterate over collection classes Declares an interface with all members public Declares an interface with all members public Declares a managed type with private default accessibility Declares a managed struct with public default accessibility Declares a value type with private default accessibility Declares a value type with public default accessibility
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In this section, we discuss the main objects used within a database to store data in an organized fashion and the objects used to manage access to the data. For now, we define what each of the objects is, and in the next section we start to work with the SQL that is required to create the various objects.
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