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It can be said that no matter what, any piece of code has the ability to fail and generate some sort of error. For the vast majority of this code, you will want to trap any error that occurs, check
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9 4. Deploying a BizTalk Solution from Visual Studio
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Figure 3-15. Selecting to delete a database in the Delete Object dialog The first check box, Delete Backup and Restore History Information for Databases, gives you the option of keeping or removing the history information that was generated when completing backups or restores. If you want to keep this information for audit purposes, then uncheck the box. The second check box is very important. If there is a program running against a database, or if you have any design windows or query panes open and pointing to the database you want to delete, then this option will close those connections. If you are deleting a database, then there really should be no connections there. This is a good check and
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Figure 13-16. Application that validates XDocument against an XSD schema The application consists of two text boxes and one button. The text boxes accept a path to the XML document that is to be validated and a path to the XSD schema file. Clicking the Validate button loads the XML document in an XDocument instance and validates the document against the supplied schema. Errors during validation (if any) are reported to the user. In this example, we will use the Employees.xsd schema file that we developed in 5 to validate the Employees.xml file. Just to give you a quick recap of the structure of the XSD schema file, Listing 13-24 shows a part of it. Listing 13-24. Partial Markup from Employees.xsd < xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <xs:schema attributeFormDefault="unqualified" elementFormDefault="qualified"
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public override bool MoveToFirstAttribute() { intColumnIndex = 0; return true; } public override bool MoveToNextAttribute() { intColumnIndex++; if (intColumnIndex > reader.FieldCount - 1) { return false; } else { return true; } } The MoveToAttribute(), MoveToFirstAttribute(), MoveToNextAtribute(), and MoveToElement() methods allow you to navigate within the available attributes: The MoveToAttribute() method accepts the name of the column (which is the same as the attribute name) and sets the column index variable to the index of that column. The MoveToFirstAttribute() method sets the current column index to 0, whereas MoveToNextAttribute() increments it so that the next column value can be read. The MoveToElement() method simply sets the current column index to -1, indicating that no column value can be read. The MoveToElement() method is intended to move the reader to the element node from any of its attributes. By setting the column index to -1, we reset the column index counter and mimic this behavior.
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0 32767 Server name or network address true, false, yes, no
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password. Click Finish (see Figure 4-4).
View this page in your browser now to see the visual improvements (see Figure 4-33).
In the previous chapter, we discussed how DataSource objects handle the data delivery protocol. When you use a URL that starts with http://, file:///, or rtsp://, the Manager is automatically creating an appropriate DataSource for that type of protocol. However, you can implement your own version of DataSource and SourceStream to provide whatever functionality you wanted, including support for streaming. Define this DataSource, then pass it to Manager.createPlayer(). The Manager will then obtain the necessary data from the DataSource s provided streams, as shown in Figure 3-1. Note that you will now be responsible for all the complexity of streaming. You will likely need to experiment and tune your DataSource s behavior to get the best results on different devices.
Regardless of whether you would like to apply a theme at the page or application level, you will first have to add the actual theme file to your web application project. The first order of business is to actually add the folder or directory in which the themes will reside. The .NET Framework 2.0 has a special directory in which to place the theme content. This special directory is called the App_Themes directory, and it can be added by rightclicking on the web project, selecting the Add Folder menu item, and finally choosing the Theme Folder submenu item (Figure 5-12). After choosing these items, you will see that within the Solution Explorer you have two new directories: the App_Themes directory and a subdirectory named Theme1.
Assign Activity
The default page for this menu option allows you to enable and disable the various types of validation that will be used to check your bean definition files for errors. Usually you will leave the default options for validation and for the (hidden) project builders options. However, on large projects you may find that the validation can make the IDE less responsive, so you may want to disable some of the more rigorous options in this situation. Select the Beans Support option from the left-hand menu, and you will be presented with the Beans Support dialog box. Click the Add button to select the bean configuration files. This action tells the Spring IDE which bean configurations are relevant to your project (and indeed which XML files are bean configurations in the first place the IDE does not attempt to autodetect bean configuration files). Figure A-9 shows the bean configuration files of the timesheets-webapp project selected from the Beans Support menu. Returning from this dialog to the Project Explorer window shown in Figure A-10, the Spring Elements branch of the project s tree has been populated with the details of the configuration files, of the Spring beans defined within them, and of the properties assigned to those beans.
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One of the unique features of phpBB 2.0 is that the BBCode functionality is now fully customizable via the template mechanism. Previous BBCode implementations hard-coded the formatting into the software, so this is a welcome addition. You can edit the blocks of BBCode by opening bbcode.tpl in your theme s directory. This step is entirely optional, but if done right, it can be a major enhancement to your board. One of my favorite modifications for the BBCode template is to edit the [URL] BBCode to display the location of the hyperlink in an HTML title attribute inside the hyperlink. This way, when a user rolls over the link, the true destination of the link shows up in a tool tip. This can help foil pranksters and help cut down on people clicking links and then regretting that click. Here s how to do this: 1. Open bbcode.tpl and navigate to around line 58, which will begin with <!--BEGIN url -->. 2. Near the end of the hyperlink code, by class="postlink", insert the following small piece of code before the right-angle bracket: title="{URL}" 3. Save bbcode.tpl and upload it to your server in the templates/yourtemplate directory. 4. Visit your board and look for a hyperlink embedded in one of the posts. With any luck, hovering over the hyperlink will display the target URL of the link in a tool tip. (All browsers since Internet Explorer 4.0, Netscape 6.0, and Mozilla will display these tool tips.)
Figure 10-17. WCF Test Client
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