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Adding Blog Pages with RSS Feeds
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Publisher Contributor Date Type Format Identifier Source Language Relation Coverage Rights The metadata can be stored inside the HTML document within <META> tags, as elements in an XML document, in a database, or in a Resource Description Framework (RDF) file that is separate from the content file. If your content repositories do not have this information, you will need to create the metadata from the existing content. This can be a time-consuming manual process, but commercial tools for metadata extraction are available.
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LINQ to XML provides an in-memory XML programming API that integrates XML querying capabilities into Visual Basic 2008 to take advantage of the LINQ framework and add query extensions specific to XML. LINQ to XML provides the query and transformation power of XQuery and XPath integrated into .NET. From another perspective, you can also think of LINQ to XML as a full-featured XML API comparable to a modernized, redesigned System.Xml API plus a few key features from XPath and XSLT. LINQ to XML provides facilities to edit XML documents and element trees in memory, as well as streaming facilities.
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New Complaints Report (Header, aligned center) Home Decorations Inc. (Header, aligned center) No Yes (Header, aligned center) Complaints ComplaintID, CreateDate, CustomerName, ComplaintLevel, ComplaintSource, ComplaintType Letter Landscape Page: n/n (Header, aligned left) No PDF
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Examining a Theme s Components
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(nonatomic,retain) (nonatomic,retain) (nonatomic,retain) (nonatomic,retain) (nonatomic,retain) (nonatomic,retain)
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Once you have enabled the Profile module, you can begin defining custom profile fields by selecting administer settings profiles (admin/settings/profile). On this page, you choose a form element to add from the listed elements: a single-line text field, a multiple-line text field, a check box, two types of lists, a URL, and a date. In the example of creating a form to collect information about which instrument someone plays, the best type of form element is a list selection (admin/settings/profile/add/selection), which will allow you to define a list of instruments from which the users can choose. Alternatively, if you want the users to type in the name of their instrument, you could use a single-line text field. Let s assume a list selection element for this example.
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Figure 5-11. Exchange Accounts Configured in iCal reading barcode sample code 128
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