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command prompt is restricted to tools capable of manipulating and viewing files and directories, and on Windows 2000/XP/Vista machines, configuring certain system settings. In the old days, the DOS command prompt was also the visible layer of an entire operating system in which DOS programs were designed to be run. However, the shell is merely one of the many ways of accessing the Linux kernel and subsystems. It s true that many programs are designed to run via the BASH shell, but technically speaking, most actually run on the Linux operating system, and simply take input and show their output via the BASH shell.
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Figure 3 1. Adding a map 4. A blank map will now be opened, with left and right panes for the source and destination schema, respectively, as shown in Figure 3 2. Click the Open Source Schema link in the left pane.
Figure 18-6. Brasero makes it easy to create CDs from digital audio files.
Figure 16-8. A new base image for a theme
Configuring Power-Saving Features
General term referring to code that programs need to run and that, once in memory, is frequently accessed by many programs (leading to the phrase shared library ). The most common and vital library is glibc (GNU C Library), created by GNU Project, The and the fundamental building block without which Linux could not operate. GNOME relies on the GTK+ libraries, among others.
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