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portlet:supportsType mime-type supports 1.. 0.. portlet-mode
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Listing 15-2. ConnStateChange()
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The Hard Link Dilemma
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In this specific example, the option to open up the aggregate view and merge it into the rest of the query depends on the hidden parameter _complex_view_merging, which defaults to false in 8i, but defaults to true from 9i onwards. You can force 8i to do complex view merging by changing this parameter although you may find some cases where you also need to use the merge() hint to make merging happen. You could also stop 9i and 10g from doing complex view merging by changing the value of this parameter, but it might be more sensible to use the no_merge() hint selectively which is what I did to get the first of the two execution plans shown previously. There are many features available to the optimizer to manipulate your query before optimizing it predicate pushing, subquery unnesting, and star transformation (perhaps the most dramatic example of query transformation) have been around for a long time. Predicate generation through transitive closure has also been around years, and predicate generation from constraints has come and gone across the versions. All these possibilities (not to mention the explicit query rewrite feature), and perhaps some others that I haven t even noticed yet, make it much harder to determine precisely what is going on with complex SQL unless you examine the details very closely ultimately wading through a 10053 trace. Fortunately, though, you won t often need to get down to this extreme, as the detail offered by explain plan is often enough to tell you that a transformation has occurred. A couple of hints, or a check of the optimizer-related parameters, will usually tell you whether a transformation is mandatory or optional, costed or uncosted, and how much control you have over it.
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Note Setting the Document
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The files in the download for this chapter are shown in Table 2-6. Table 2-6. 2 Test Cases
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Figure 8-3. Populating a dataset
Carbon Copy Cloner
Figure 2-19. Select From Server to read attribute mappings from the LDAP servers cn=config container
Once your message has been composed, you can send it using the Transport. A Transport handles the sending and receiving activities of a given email session. This operation may fail with a MessagingException, which can occur if the message could not be sent due to being rejected or encountering other problems.
#!/bin/bash declare MAC_ADDRESS=`osascript -e 'primary Ethernet address of (system info)'` echo "Address with colons: $MAC_ADDRESS" echo "Address without colons: ${MAC_ADDRESS//:/}"
Business Data Milestone
10. See the final code here:
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