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.NET classes, are also supported. They are beyond the scope of this book.
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Try your hand at overriding a themable function for the Bluemarine theme. Create a new file on your web server in the folder themes/bluemarine called template.php. Copy the following short code segment into the template.php file. Don t forget the < php and >. < php function phptemplate_breadcrumb($breadcrumb) { $output = '<h1>Hello World!</h1>'; $output .= implode(' / ', $breadcrumb); return $output; } > In the unaltered Bluemarine theme, breadcrumb links are separated using the character. This is the default HTML that is generated by Drupal. By including the phptemplate_breadcrumb function in the Bluemarine theme, the default HTML will no longer be used; instead, the HTML generated by the new function will be used. The phptemplate_breadcrumb function not only separates the breadcrumb links with a different character, but it also outputs a meaningful and original message directly above them. Click through some pages on your site and you will see the result. You have successfully altered the default HTML for breadcrumbs from this: <div class="breadcrumb"> <a href=" q=" >Home</a> » <a href=" q=node/add" >create content</a> </div> to this: <h1>Hello World!</h1> <a href=" q=" >Home</a> / <a href=" q=node/add" >create content</a>
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In this case, you send over the index of the selected item and the list of items as an array. Notice that you passed items.source instead of items since JavaScript will not read the ArrayCollection object type. Using the source property will return the array from the ArrayCollection. The JavaScript code on the other side looks like this:
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Figure 5-13. WebKit CSS Gradient radial and linear example
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Trying to find and read all the system logs on a Mac used to be a daunting endeavor. With OS X, Apple has simplified this a bit by giving you a handy tool in the /Applications/Utilities folder called Console. In this section we ll cover how to use Console to view and mark logs.
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Part of your daily or weekly routine should include regular exercise. Regular exercise will reduce your stress levels, keep you in good health, and increase your energy level. Yet despite all of the documented benefits of regular exercise, many people do not make the effort to incorporate it into their daily routines. There always seems to be an excuse that falls into one of two camps: too much work and not enough time. If you are looking for the easy way out of doing regular exercise, then claiming to have too much work is the excuse for you. Everyone has more work than they can handle these days, especially a DBA. We are expected to be available at all hours and find ourselves always trying to get caught up on alerts and even configure new ways to be proactive in order to maintain a stable environment. But you must find the time. It is important for you to carve out some time, in some way, to raise your activity level. You can start small by taking extra steps every day and work your way up toward regular walks. In addition to having too much work, you can also find yourself simply short on time. Perhaps your commute is slightly longer than average and those extra minutes in the car provide you with an excuse as to why you do not have enough time in the day to care
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LAZY indicates that a UserRole entity will not be loaded immediately (see the Hibernate Lazy Loading section later in this chapter). The cascade type indicates that when we save the UserAccount entity, any unsaved UserRole entities associated with it should be saved too.
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The Million-Dollar Question: Why Use phpBB
Whenever your Drupal site receives an HTTP request that it either cannot handle (because it is asking for a page or resource that doesn t exist) or will not handle because of access restrictions, it will return an error page instead. Drupal provides built-in default pages for each of these cases, but you can define alternate pages to be used instead. Other errors that can occur include PHP errors, which arise when Drupal can t perform the requested operations. You can configure how these errors are handled and recorded through the Error Handling section of the site settings page. The settings here include those for Default 403 and Default 404 pages, error reporting, and discarding logs.
Figure 3 4 much more clearly delineates the parts of the system. The physical hardware connects through iPhone OS to the sharedAccessory controller once you create it.
Maximum number of results to return: The maximum number of results
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