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Launch the Web Search application. Launch the SMS application. Launch the Web Browser application.
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As you ve seen with the default .NET Remoting channels, you don t have to manually create and register HttpClientChannel and HttpServerChannel but can instead use the combination in the form of HttpChannel. This isn t strictly needed for compatibility with the .NET Remoting framework, but it does provide more comfort for the developers using this channel. An additional feature you might want to implement is the default assignment of a formatter to this channel. I m now going to show you how to do this to create an SmtpChannel class. First, the combined channel has to extend BaseChannelWithProperties and implement IChannelSender and IChannelReceiver. Nevertheless, there won t be too much logic in SmtpChannel, as it will delegate most of its work to either SMTPClientChannel or SMTPServerChannel. To check if an application wants to act as a server for .NET Remoting requests via SMTP you , have to introduce another attribute that can be used in the configuration file: isServer. When this is set to yes , the SmtpChannel will create an SMTPServerChannel as well; otherwise it will only create an SMTPClientChannel. The SmtpChannel has to implement a different constructor that allows the framework to pass both an IClientChannelSinkProvider and an IServerChannelSinkProvider object to it. It will then check whether either of these is null and create a default SOAP formatter in this case. All other methods that have to be implemented to support the specified interfaces will just forward their calls to the respective client or server channel. This is shown in Listing 14-7. Listing 14-7. The SmtpChannel using using using using using System; System.Collections; System.Runtime.Remoting.Channels; System.Runtime.Remoting; System.Runtime.Remoting.Messaging;
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XDoclet is an open source Java code-generation tool, with an Apache-style license. The XDoclet home page is located at You need to download and install the XDoclet 1.2 package from SourceForge (http:// to run the examples in this section. You also need Apache Ant 1.5 or greater ( to run XDoclet. If you are not familiar with Ant, the online Apache Ant manual ( index.html) is a good place to start, as is Enterprise Java Development on a Budget by Christopher M. Judd and Brian Sam-Bodden (Apress, 2004). We are going to use XDoclet to generate the portlet.xml deployment descriptor from our Java portlet class source code. Craig Walls wrote the portlet deployment descriptor integration for XDoclet, which speeds up the portlet application
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The Web page shown in Figure 6-11 allows you to install the application to your machine. Note that if you hold the mouse over the Install button, you ll see the target of the button in the status bar, which is the deployment manifest. Click the Install button, and note that you ll see a security warning from ClickOnce because ClickOnce doesn t know the publisher of the application (more about this in 7). It is instructive to see what was installed when you published the application. Assuming you have IIS installed locally, browse to c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\. ClickOnce should have created a directory under wwwroot with the name HelloWorldClickOnce, and the contents of the folder should be similar to what is shown in Figure 6-12. Note that ClickOnce created the deployment manifest (HelloFromClickOnce.application) and the application manifest (HelloFromClickOnce. exe.manifest). You can also see that ClickOnce created a setup.exe file, which is a bootstrapper that can be used to ensure all of the prerequisites of your application are installed on a client s machine prior to installing your application. For example, if your application needs to install SQL Server 2005 Express Edition, the bootstrapper can ensure that this component is installed prior to running your installation.
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Figure 7-26. Defining the database backup 7. When you choose to back up specific databases, Figure 7-27 appears. Here you can select only for this task within the plan which database or set of databases you want to work with. You will get this screen for every task option, so I will only show it this once. It is best to have separate maintenance plans for the user databases and one separate maintenance plan for the system databases. This splits up the workload not only into sizable, useful, and easy-to-understand units of work, but also into logical components as each database may have a different maintenance plan. You will also have different requirements for the system databases from for the user-defined databases. It is preferable not to select the All User Databases option because SQL Server will automatically begin running the maintenance plan on databases that may have been added without your knowledge, and may not be under your ownership. For our example, select the ApressFinancial database after clicking the These Databases radio button. Click OK. The full list of choices is as follows:
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using General; using General.Client; [assembly: AssemblyVersion("")] [assembly: AssemblyDelaySign(false)] [assembly: AssemblyKeyFile(@"..\..\..\Client.snk")] namespace ConsoleClient { class ClientApp { [STAThread] static void Main(string[] args) { Console.WriteLine("Configuring client..."); RemotingConfiguration.Configure("ConsoleClient.exe.config");
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< xml version="1.0" > <root> <fullName>John Doe</fullName> <email></email> <phone>212-222-2222</phone> <zip>10001</zip> </root>
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recosting it isn t relevant under this strategy. When you add the no_merge() hint, the trace file nearly switches back to the 8i version, although it doesn t try recosting for the index on t2 and that s an interesting little detail in its own right. Join order[1]: Join order[2]: T1[T1]#0 T2[T2]#1 T2[T2]#1 T1[T1]#0
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// This function calculates the score for a move, if the move is a legal play. // If the move is not legal, return -1. int CalculateScore(int row, int col, PlayType direction, array<Tile^, 2>^ newBoard) { int cumScore = 0; PlayType crossDirection; int wordScore = 0; bool letterBonus = false; bool wordBonus = false; int letterMultiplier = 1; int wordMultiplier = 1; bool isLegalMove = false; int tilesPlayed = 0; if (direction == PlayType::Down) { crossDirection = PlayType::Across; // Find the start of the word being made in the main direction. while (row >= 0 && newBoard[row, col] != nullptr) { row--; } // We overshoot, so now back off by one. row++; } else // PlayType::Across { crossDirection = PlayType::Down; while (col >= 0 && newBoard[row, col] != nullptr) { col--; } // We overshoot, so back off by one. col++; } while ( row < BOARD_SIZE && col < BOARD_SIZE && newBoard[row, col] != nullptr) { if (moveNum == 0 && row == 7 && col == 7) { isLegalMove = true; } letterMultiplier = 1;
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Note The certificate store can be opened by typing mmc at a command prompt. Click File Add/Remove
System.Boolean System.Byte System.SByte System.Int16
The previous example used Visual Studio to set the inline properties of an application s controls. For those of you who are not a big fan of a lot of typing, you may find that Expression Blend is a better place to set these properties. In this next exercise, you will perform the same styling as in previous exercise, but using Expression Blend to set the properties, rather than Visual Studio 2010. Let s give it a try! 1. 2. Open Expression Blend and create a new Silverlight 4 application named Ch12_BlendStyling. The UserControl is 640 by 480 by default when created in Expression Blend, so you can leave that size. The first thing to do is add the column and row definitions. You can copy and paste the grid definitions from the previous exercise, or you can add the columns and rows using Expression Blend s grid editor, as described in 9. The end result should look like Figure 12-7. Next, add the controls to the form. In the Toolbox, double-click the TextBlock control three times to add three TextBlock controls to the grid. Then doubleclick the TextBox control three times, which will add three TextBox controls below the TextBlock controls. Double-click the StackPanel layout control. Once the StackPanel is added, double- click it in the Objects and Timeline panel so that it is outlined, as shown in Figure 12-8.
Creating XPathNavigator
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