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Import the certificate using Keychain Access (not required if the certificate is from a CA). Open Directory Access from the /Applications/Utilities folder. Click LDAPv3, and select your Open Directory environment. Check the Encrypt Using SSL box. Use DSCL to test whether you can query the Open Directory database.
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Viewing, Searching, and Updating Content
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Table 10-2. Mapping Between XML Data and a Relational Rowset
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Employee Motivation
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Windows Solutions
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CHAPTER 4: Storage
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Installing the TinyMCE Module
Password protection is one of the most commonly used features of .htaccess files. It is also a bit more difficult to set up than customized error codes, but it s far more versatile in its ability to control access to directories. First, create a new file called .htpasswd. Create and save this file in the same fashion as the .htaccess file. Include the username and password information in it, in the following format:
namespace DivisionSales { public partial class Form1 : Form { public Form1() { InitializeComponent(); } private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { //declare connection string, please replace // DataSource with your Server name string cnString = "Data Source=(local);Initial Catalog=RealWorld; Integrated Security=SSPI;"; //declare Connection, command and other related objects SqlConnection conReport = new SqlConnection(cnString); SqlCommand cmdReport = new SqlCommand(); SqlDataReader drReport; DataSet dsReport = new dsDivisionSales(); try { //open connection conReport.Open(); //prepare connection object to get the data //through reader and populate into dataset cmdReport.CommandType = CommandType.Text; cmdReport.Connection = conReport; cmdReport.CommandText = "Select * FROM dbo.DivisionSales";
After booting up, my USB mouse and/or USB keyboard are not recognized.
/home/dcminter/.m2 C:\Documents and Settings\Dave Minter\.m2 The remote repository serves as a consistent location from which to obtain library files. For example, a tool such as Hibernate will use dozens of other libraries: XML parsing libraries, logging libraries, code generation libraries, and so on and so forth. Each of these has its own packaging conventions, its own website, and its own versioning discipline. Maven s repositories are standardized, allowing the download of a particular library version to be automated, and they often contain additional information identifying the library s own dependencies. You can browse through the contents of the ibiblio repository (the default remote repository) on the web at The local repository serves several purposes. It acts as a cache, avoiding the need to load files from the remote site every time you perform a build. It allows you to store libraries in one place instead of copying them into every project that you are working on (and thus keeping the project itself uncluttered). Last, it acts as a store for the output of your own builds, allowing you to avoid the need to copy JAR files between projects. The local repository directory is managed by the Maven tool. You do not normally have to add or remove files directly with one exception. The standard place to store settings that are unique to your machine is the settings.xml file in this directory. Typically this might contain the connection details for your database, or paths to development servers.
If you want to get a bit more complicated with the script, you could add some logic. For example, you might query for en0 and convert a service name to be used with en0 based on the interface, to keep the script from failing due to someone having renamed the service in the past. Because a common issue during setup is to patch the wrong interfaces into the networks (in the case that there are two wired interfaces), you could also use the ping command to test each network to verify it is live and if not (else) go ahead and swap the IP settings and names. You might also go ahead and turn every single setting into a variable to make it much more portable.
Figure 4-22. globalSAN Session Statistics sheet
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