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4. To ensure XMLBuddy was installed correctly, create an XML file: select File New Other
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That completes the discussion of the fundamentals of connecting to SQL Server with
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Figure 10-11. The primary key of Employees
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MediaEnded: This event will fire when the MediaElement is no longer playing back
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A network printer is one that is not directly connected to any computer. Instead, it connects to the network via an Ethernet cable. In this way, all computers in the office will be able to use it. If the network printer is directly connected to a computer, it will probably be shared via Windows/SMB. In this case, follow the instructions in the next section. Some printers have the required server hardware built in, but others might use a special print server module that attaches to the printer s USB or parallel printer port. Ubuntu can work with both types of hardware.
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Figure 2-12. Northwind programmability nodes in Object Explorer
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5. To do that, click on Edit Parts in the HUD. Select each graphic and in the Convert Artwork to
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hash_area (max=)
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Portlet Context
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In this chapter we took a cursory look at the delicate art of forensics. We also looked heavily at using MacForensicsLab to perform the acquisition and analysis of a drive, but we wouldn t want to take anything away from many of the other solutions out there. They are almost all fantastic. What software cannot do is actually parse through every single file and folder and return all of the relevant data. This could be because a date is stored in some kind of encoded format, or because it s in an image. Manual analysis of the acquired data will net a far more accurate account of events if done so in the hands of a well-trained forensics analyst. Use this chapter as a reference to perform front-line forensics analysis or as a reference for porting existing forensics skills from Windows to Mac OS X. However, if you have an in-depth investigation that you would like to perform consult a professional in that field.
Note You can also define your own transformation matrix, if you need to modify or combine the four transformation types. See Pro Silverlight 3 by Matthew MacDonald (Apress, 2009) for details on how to do this.
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