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You are integrating with a system that subscribes to messages from a Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) queue, and you must configure BizTalk Server to send messages to MSMQ.
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CHAPTER 2: Now What Do I Do
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if (board[i, j] == nullptr) { Console::BackgroundColor = spaceTypeColors[spaces[i, j]]; Console::Write(" "); // The foreground and background colors are restored to // the colors that existed when the current process began. Console::ResetColor(); } else { Console::BackgroundColor = ConsoleColor::Black; Console::ForegroundColor = ConsoleColor::White; Letter letter = board[i, j]->LetterValue; if (letter == Letter::_) { Console::Write(" {0:1} ", board[i,j]->BlankValue); } else { Console::Write(" {0:1} ", board[i, j]); } Console::ResetColor(); } } Console::WriteLine(); } Console::WriteLine(); } // Draw a tile from the bag and return it. // Returns null if the bag is empty. // The parameter keep is true if the tile is drawn during the game, // false if the tile is drawn at the beginning of the game // to see who goes first. Tile^ DrawTile(bool keep) { if (bag->Count == 0) // Return nullptr if there are no tiles left. { return nullptr; } int random_index = safe_cast<int>((random->NextDouble() * bag->Count) ); Tile^ tile = bag[random_index]; if (keep) bag->RemoveAt(random_index); return tile; }
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It is sometimes helpful to mark a spot in a log, while you are reviewing them, much like using a sticky note or highlighter to mark a passage in a book. To do so, select the log in the Logs window of Console and click the Insert Marker button. It s important to note that these markers are not inserted into the log itself, but into your view of the log in Console. Clicking the Reload button, choosing another log, or quitting Console will cause those markers to disappear. Another way to insert a marker into system.log and the ASL database is to use the logger utility, which provides an interface to syslogd. All entries you write will be prefaced with the date and time, and will include whatever message you send to it.
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Cost : Manual No CPU Costing
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Exercise 5-3. Identify Themable Functions
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Figure 12-12. Final project in Expression Blend
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CHAPTER 7: Client Management
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pages you want to show the user are context-sensitive: for instance, if you are developing an application that tracks basketball teams and you want to provide links to information about each individual player on the team, you will want to build your list of players based on the name of the team the user selects. Dynamic content generation allows you to do just that. In this chapter, you ll learn how to use these capabilities in an application by building a simple car browser application that can search the web for photos of popular car models and display them. To get started, you first must create a main page and add some UI, including a WebBrowser control to display web and HTML content.
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