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As you can see in Figure 12-8, both the RS and CR reports are open in design mode initially. You might be wondering why the CR version looks more complete, and the RS version is just a body section. Well, the RS approach is free form in nature, so you can add the sections that you need. In CR, even if you don t need headers and footers, they are there inside the report by default. So we need to add the header and footer only to the RS report. Another observation about CR is it has two sets of headers and footers. Unlike RS, CR has a report header and footer and a page header and footer. Why Well, if a developer needs a section to appear only one time at the beginning, or end, of a report, this section should appear in the report header, or report footer.
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After you have identified and prepared the content you want to play, it s time to bring it into your app. Once again, MMAPI hides many of the details from you, but this section will show you what s happening behind the scenes. You ll learn how to choose appropriate formats and encodings and see how to handle problems with playback.
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One of the greatest strengths of Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server is the abundance of scripting languages it supports out of the box. Many of these scripting languages are interpreted by a host program rather than run directly as lower-level machine code, and thus they are text files with human-readable syntax. Because such languages are translated into machine code at run time, interpreted programs are sometimes much slower than their compiled equivalents. However, because you can edit these programs and then run them immediately, they are common tools used by system administrators to automate tasks. Some interpreters are specifically made to run code such as Python, Perl, or Ruby, while others are more interactive and are meant for day-to-day use, facilitating most of the command-line administration tasks covered in this book. Typically, this interactive interpreter component is referred to as a shell. The primary purpose of a shell is to translate commands typed at a terminal into some kind of system action. In other words, the shell is a program through which other programs are invoked. There are several different Unix shells, including the C shell (csh), the Bourne shell (sh), and their more modern equivalents, tcsh and bash. In the most recent versions of Mac OS X, new users are assigned the bash shell as the default shell. In early versions of OS X the default user shell was tcsh, perhaps due to the presence of Wilfredo Sanchez on Apple s team. The former lead engineer for Mac OS X was also a developer of the tcsh shell. However, bash has proliferated through the various Linux distributions and has become one of the most prominent shell programs in use today. Perhaps recognizing this, Apple switched the default shell to bash in Mac OS X v.10.3, and it remains as such today in 10.6. While the choice of a shell and its resultant scripting language can sometimes be difficult, we recommend you learn at least the basics of the bash shell before moving onto any other shell and language that may be better suited to your higher-level tasks. This is because, unlike with languages such as python or Perl that are more strictly used for scripting, you will typically use the bash shell every time you open up a terminal to run any command. The more comfortable you become with bash scripting,
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BizTalk Server uses a combination of namespaces and root nodes to resolve schema references. Therefore, it is possible to have two schemas with the same root node as long as their namespace designation is different. By default, the BizTalk Editor will set the namespace of a schema to http://[solution].[schema], where solution refers to the name of the solution file and schema refers to the name of the schema file. This default namespace designation may be modified as follows: 1. 2. Open the project that contains the schema. Double-click the schema to open it.
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Even if you alter the contents of the index and include different columns, but still used the same name, it is not possible to create another index with the same name as an existing one. In the last part of the example, we altered the table so that we could add a primary key. There are different types of CONSTRAINTS that can be defined for a table: column constraints are used for default values, as you saw in the previous chapter, but constraints are also used for primary and foreign keys.
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of this book.
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compatible with the hardware of the computer
This is about as clean as csv data gets. To import the file, you can open up Workgroup Manager, connect to your OD master, and select Import from the Server menu. From there, you can map the attribute delimiter (,) and the record delimiter (Newline, hex value of 0x0A). If there is a problem with the import, you can check the dsimport log found at ~/Library/Logs/ImportExport/. NOTE: The delimiter options in Workgroup manager allow for only a single byte of data. Because of this, you can t specify a DOS-style line delimiter, which has an ASCII value of \n\r and a hex value of 0x0D0A and as such, can t directly be imported via Workgroup Manager. You can convert line delimiters to UNIX style (\n, 0x0A) with the following command: perl p i e 's/\r\n/\n/g' /thefile.csv. Some programs such as Excel save csv files with historic Macintosh-style line delimiters (\r). These files can be imported with the delimiter hex value of 0x0D. However, the premise of this section is to help automate this process, and having to manually specify delimiters each time you do an import isn t the cleanest way to work. Thus, we resort to the command line for automation. Importing data from the command line requires data to be formatted as a dsimport file, a colon-delimited format with an Open Directory-specific header:
Figure 5 42. Configuring a terminating sequential convoy Finally, you can enhance the solution to ensure that messages are successfully delivered to the destination system before processing subsequent messages. In the current solution, messages are sent out of the orchestration to the MessageBox database via the orchestration port. Once this happens, the orchestration continues; there is no indication that the message was actually delivered to its end destination. For example, if the destination MSMQ queue was momentarily offline, a message may be suspended while subsequent messages may be delivered successfully. Take the following steps to implement this enhancement. The updated orchestration portion is shown in Figure 5 43. 1. 2. 3. 4. Change the orchestration send port s Delivery Notification property to Transmitted. Add a Scope shape directly above the Send shape. Move the Send shape inside the Scope shape. Add an exception handler by right-clicking the Scope shape. Configure this shape to have an Exception Object Type property of Microsoft.XLANGs.BaseTypes.DeliveryFailureException. Enter a descriptive name for the Exception Object Name property. Add an Expression shape inside the exception handler block added in the previous step. Configure this shape to appropriately handle delivery failure exceptions. In our solution, we simply write the event to the trace log via the following code:
interface class I { /* class body */ }; public interface class I : IBase { /* class body */ };
In the absence of the system statistics, the optimizer estimated that the index-based path would visit 68 blocks individually for a total of 68 I/O requests, compared to 1 + ( 371 / 6.59 ) for the tablescan. (Remember that for tablescans and index fast full scans, and ignoring ASSM tablespaces, the optimizer divides the high water mark by an adjusted value of the db_file_multiblock_read_count.) When we enable system statistics, the optimizer decides that the cost for the indexed path is still 68 for the I/O component, plus a small extra cost to cater to the CPU cost of acquiring blocks, and making a few data comparisons.
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