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Portlet Extensions to JFreeChart
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Figure 6-29. Ways To deploy packages
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extensible, which means that an arbitrary number of ACEs can be assigned to any particular file system object. Basically what this means is that ACL-based file system permissions allow for extremely granular and flexible management. In OS X s early incarnations, permissions problems were common among long-time Mac users, and to a degree they still are. However, any permissions problems that persist in a 10.6 environment are, plain and simple, due to poor administration. The truth of the matter is that in the earlier days of OS X, permissions problems were abundant, not only because of user inexperience but also in a large part to significant limits of OS X s permissions implementation. Although OS X has always had a basic POSIX permission system, in the early days there were fairly decent limitations to its implementations that made it difficult to properly harness. Luckily, OS X s permissions system have continuously improved throughout the life of OS X, and now with 10.6 we have a combination of basic POSIX permissions and ACLs which provide for rock solid, flexible file system permissions structures.
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Determines whether the expected value and actual value is the equal. This uses the System.Object.Equals method as opposed to the == operator. Compares the expected value to the actual value by the reference. This uses the System.Object.ReferenceEquals method to determine whether these two objects are the same instance. Checks to ensure the condition evaluates to false. Checks to ensure the condition passed in evaluates to true. Checks to make sure the object passed in is null. Checks to ensure the object passed in is null.
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Figure 8-14. A three-by-three grid layout
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Uninstalling the Northwind Creation Script
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Figure 1-17. Create new Actionscript Class wizard
Figure 5 9. Submitting Windows Phone application: submit page 8. You will be returning to my apps page and you will see the application that you just submitted with testing in progress status as show in Figure 5 10 below.
of programs that run under Linux and seems to be especially popular among programs that let you create things.
Now right-click your 15 Web Site project and select the Properties option. In the 15 Properties window, shown in Figure 15-6, switch to the Documents tab page, and you will see that the Default.aspx page is available in the list of default content pages. IIS works as a web server, which is why you see listed other page types that work as default pages for other types of web sites that could have been built using other technologies (for example, ASP could be used and for that purpose Default.asp is also listed). If required, you can click the Add button to add another page of your web site to be recognized as a default page. You can also remove a page listed as a default page by selecting the particular page and clicking the Remove button. By default, you will see that the option Enable default content page is active; you can disable this functionality by removing the check mark.
When you use the ExecuteXmlReader() method of SqlCommand, the SELECT query must have the FOR XML clause specified in it. You will learn about the FOR XML clause in detail in 10. For
Import FXP into Flash Builder
Create the BAM Activity Workbook
There are other ways to do these (and many other) things with stored procedures. We ve done all we need for this chapter, since our main objective is not teaching you how to write stored procedures, but how to use them in VB .NET. However, we ll show you how to modify and delete stored procedures in the remainder of this chapter.
Creating a Typed Dataset Using the Wizard
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