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The first column, ShipperID, is an IDENTITY column, and you can t insert values into it explicitly SSE makes sure a unique value is inserted for you. So, the INSERT statement looks like this:
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namespace SmtpChannel { public class SMTPClientTransportSink: BaseChannelSinkWithProperties, IClientChannelSink, IChannelSinkBase { String _destinationEmailAddress; String _senderEmailAddress; String _objectURI; String _smtpServer; public SMTPClientTransportSink(String destinationEmailAddress, String senderEmailAddress, String smtpServer, String objectURI) { _destinationEmailAddress = destinationEmailAddress; _senderEmailAddress = senderEmailAddress;
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denso qr bar code size valid for excel codes Once captured, Airodump will be used to save the captured initialization vectors into a file. Run the Airodump command, as shown in the following example:
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crawler = new Crawler(path); Thread background = new Thread(crawler); background.start();
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In this exercise, you ll see how to refine your query. 1. Add the following WHERE clause to the query in Figure 5-3. Where country = 'USA' 2. Run the query by pressing F5, and you should see the results shown in Figure 5-4.
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the web site is put together, or how to best document the Drupal software, join the infrastructure or documentation lists. If you want to participate in a discussion on how to program Drupal and see the latest discussions about where the Drupal codebase is going, the development list is for you. Each mailing list also has an archive that you can search to catch up on previous discussions or find answers to your questions. DrupalDocs: If you are keen on learning how to program Drupal modules or customize Drupal code, you ll be interested in exploring DrupalDocs ( That is where the Drupal API references are kept, showing you all of Drupal s functions and explaining how to use them. The documentation also includes excellent discussions and articles that describe the way the code is put together, explore the various subsystems such as the database abstraction layer and the menu system, and give plenty of code examples to help you write your own custom modules. (See api/head/group.) CVS repositories: All Drupal code is kept in revision control with CVS. If you have a CVS client, you can check out the code directly from CVS ( Furthermore, the repositories are displayed online as web pages ( viewcvs/drupal/), meaning you can browse through the many files that make up Drupal, see how they ve evolved in time, and check when the latest changes were made. If you are a programmer and have written a Drupal module or theme that you want to share with the community, you can apply for commit access to the contributions repository (http:// Make sure to describe in detail what you wish to contribute; expressing your intentions clearly, or perhaps pointing to a demonstration of the code you want to commit, will speed the process of getting your CVS account.
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After selecting either option, you will be presented with a dialog asking whether or not you want to sign the configuration, as shown in Figure 10-31. If you are exporting this for deployment, it is highly recommended that you do so. There are a few options here. First and foremost, you can opt not to sign the profile at all. This provides no security on the file, and leaves it open for alteration without any detection capabilities. By signing the configuration, devices which seek to deploy its payload can verify that it is tamper free. Obviously, this is always desirable. Next, it is possible to simply sign the configuration, or we can encrypt it for each registered device. The former option is much more forgiven, and is desirable if you wish to deploy this to an unknown amount of iPhones, and want the task to be as hassle free as possible. Alternatively, if you have all of your iPhones cataloged in the iPhone Configuration Utility, then you can create an encrypted profile for each phone. The iPhone configuration utility signs exported profiles with a self-signed Certificate authority created when you first open the application for the first time. This certificate authority is used to sign the configuration profiles created by your copy of the application. If you are delegating configuration profile development among multiple members of your staff, you may wish to export this private key and certificate programmatically. The following is an example of perl script that will export this information with the password pass to files in the current directory where the script is run. Using this methodology you can keep all members of your group up to date with the latest copy of this certificate and private key.
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Figure 4-10. Dialog prompting for the specific data type Click OK. In the Properties window, set the DisplayName to Handling Charges. The activity should look like the one shown in Figure 4-11.
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_local_communication_costing_enabled _local_communication_ratio _minimal_stats_aggregation _mmv_query_rewrite_enabled _nested_loop_fudge _new_initial_join_orders _new_sort_cost_estimate _no_or_expansion _oneside_colstat_for_equijoins _optim_adjust_for_part_skews _optim_enhance_nnull_detection _optim_new_default_join_sel _optim_peek_user_binds _optimizer_adjust_for_nulls _optimizer_block_size _optimizer_cache_stats _optimizer_cbqt_factor _optimizer_cbqt_no_size_restriction _optimizer_compute_index_stats _optimizer_correct_sq_selectivity _optimizer_cost_based_transformation _optimizer_cost_filter_pred _optimizer_cost_model _optimizer_degree _optimizer_dim_subq_join_sel _optimizer_disable_strans_sanity_checks _optimizer_ignore_hints _optimizer_join_order_control _optimizer_join_sel_sanity_check _optimizer_max_permutations _optimizer_mjc_enabled _optimizer_mode_force
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using System.Resources; using System.Reflection; 10. In MainPage.xaml.cs, change the ShowEventDetails() function to match the code chunk shown here. Notice how we commented out the setting of default (English) caption from code. private void ShowEventDetails() { //textBlockListTitle.Text = "WP7 Launch"; ResourceManager rm = new ResourceManager("WP7LaunchParty.AppResources", Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly()); textBlockListTitle.Text = rm.GetString("EventTitle"); txtEventCostCaption.Text = rm.GetString("EventCost"); txtEventDateCaption.Text = rm.GetString("EventDate"); txtEventTimeCaption.Text = rm.GetString("EventTime"); //create the date of November 6, 2010 at 9:00 PM DateTime dtLaunchDate = new DateTime(2010, 11, 6, 21, 0, 0); //make the cost equal to $5 decimal decEventCost = 5.0M; txtEventDate.Text = dtLaunchDate.ToString("D"); txtEventTime.Text = dtLaunchDate.ToString("T"); txtEventCost.Text = decEventCost.ToString("C"); } 11. Press F5 to compile and run the application. Click the button to toggle between Spanish and English. Do you see all captions and the event title being properly translated Probably not, since we have not indicated that our project must support different locales and which locales it must support. 12. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder where the WP7LaunchParty.csproj file is located. Open WP7LaunchParty.csproj in any text editor (Notepad is good) and find the <SupportedCultures> node. More than likely, that node will not contain any elements. Edit that node to look like text here: <SupportedCultures>es-ES; </SupportedCultures> Were we supporting more than one culture, we would include all of them in this node, each culture code separated by a semicolon. For example, if we were supporting German and Russian translations as well, we would put es-ES;de-DE;ru-RU; in the <SuportedCultures> element. 13. Save WP7LaunchParty.csproj in the text editor. Visual Studio should detect an external change to this file and ask you if you would like to reload the project. Click Yes. 14. Add the following line of code to the ToggleEventLocale method, right below the statement Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = newCulture;: Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = newCulture; 15. Press F5 to run the application.
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