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@property (nonatomic,readonly,getter=isConnected) BOOL connected
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Understanding Functional Design Methodology
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Figure 4-8. Available message types on BlackBerry devices
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The other configuration file, pageregistry.xml, describes how the portal page looks. The important part of this file is the fragment p1 that identifies the portlet. The value of the portlet property must be a valid application ID, a period, and a valid portlet ID from that application, all concatenated together.
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In this chapter, you learned how to use a Windows service as a client to generate a report in PDF format. You also learned how to make use of a Windows service to schedule automated report delivery based on a desired time interval. In the next chapter, you ll see how we can use SharePoint as a report delivery vehicle by generating reports using web parts.
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MMAPI defines several options for playing programmatically generated audio. This approach was much more popular when devices were highly limited. As support for
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Wait stats can be found through the use of perfmon and the SQLServer:Wait Statistics object. They are also included in the Activity Monitor, having their own section located below the graphs that are displayed. The best usage of wait stats is in the understanding of wait types. A list of wait types can be found at: You can find the wait type inside of the sys.dm_os_wait_stats DMV, and you can also find it in the Processes section of the Activity Monitor. TIP: I would wager a pound of bacon that a majority of the wait types you come across can be solved with some advanced index tuning. Examine some query plans before purchasing new hardware; you ll be doing yourself a favor.
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Creating a Windows Phone Project
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The Result Set Contains
The previous code examples omit exception handling for clarity. However, it s critical for real applications to recognize and respond to errors. Wireless messaging is fraught with connectivity issues, and other problems can arise, as well. You should be prepared to deal with the following exceptions: IOException can be thrown in a variety of situations, including when the network is unreachable or the message is rejected by the carrier. A SecurityException occurs if the application has not secured the necessary permissions. ConnectionNotFoundException is thrown if the protocol type is not known. An InterruptedIOException means that the message could not complete sending or receiving. This happens if a timeout occurs or another thread shuts the MessageConnection during transmission. IllegalArgumentException generally indicates a programming bug and means that the parameter is invalid. Whenever exceptions occur, try to recover and continue gracefully. You will generally want to notify the user with a message such as Unable to connect. Please confirm that your device has service and try again. If you are allowing the user to directly set the phone number or message payload, then suggest that they check those, as well. In all cases, be sure to clean up your connections in all exit situations. This is a good programming practice in general, and is especially important on limited-resource mobile devices. If you fail to clean up a MessageConnection, future attempts to send messages may fail. You can usually accomplish this best through use of a finally block, as shown below.
/usr/bin/sandbox-exec n ccc $SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND
You need to send a specific type of request based on a certain element within a document.
CHAPTER 9: Virtualization
Table 11-1. Continued
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