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Incoporate PDF 417 in C# Figure 16-8. Installing a Silverlight application locally

In this chapter, we looked at the Base database component of OpenOffice.org and how to use it to easily create and edit simple databases. We stepped through an example of setting up a database table and creating a database form that users can employ to enter and edit data. In the next chapter, we will look at Evolution, the powerful e-mail and personal information manager offered under Ubuntu.
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The file to which the content will be written The items that will be written to the file If true, existing content will be overwritten; otherwise the file will be appended to
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application. In this example, you don t have a PHP class yet so use Flash Builder s help to create it. Click on click here to generate a sample . On selection the next screen is as shown in Figure 12-9. On this screen, we provide the database credentials to connect to the MAMP MySQL database and specify the books table we created earlier as the source table. Once you have specified the database, you can test the connection. After clicking the button to test the connection, you would be prompted the first time to download and install the Zend AMF remoting library that connects Flex and PHP. Figure 12-10 shows the message that prompts you to download the Zend AMF library.
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s Note If you face any difficulties working with the table report item, please refer to the first reporting
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You will want to separate your code into different dynamically linked libraries. Let s look at how to use types from one assembly in another in the simplest possible example. Compile the code in Listing 3-4 using the /LD option to generate a DLL. This DLL is a CLR assembly just as was the executable created in a previous section. Listing 3-4. A Trivial Public Class // file1.cpp public ref class R { }; As mentioned, we must add the keyword public at the class level to make this type visible in another assembly (see Listing 3-5). Listing 3-5. Using Our Trivial Class from Another Assembly // file2.cpp #using "file1.dll" // We'll define a function, so we can see it in the metadata later. void F() { R r; } int main() {} Without the keyword public, the type R will not be visible to the code in file2.cpp. Compile file2.cpp with the usual options for managed code (just /clr or /clr:pure will do) to generate an executable assembly file2.exe.
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Validate TestMap Output
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Including Content in the Portlet
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Examining SSMS s Options
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The Z-order behavior can be overridden using the ZIndex attribute of an element. In this case, you can set the ZIndex of either the rectangle or its containing Canvas. Higher numbered ZIndex values are drawn on top of lower numbered ones, so this XAML will cause the white rectangle to be drawn on top of the black one. Here s the XAML code:
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Tip: As described above, if you wish to send SMS messages to your app from a server, you will need to make an agreement with the wireless carriers or go through an SMS aggregator. SMS aggregators are generally more accustomed to sending regular SMS messages and not portdirected messages. To indicate that a message should be delivered to a particular GSM port, use the TP-User-Data/User-Data-Header header when sending your server request to generate the outgoing SMS message. Once you have a MessageConnection, you have two choices. The method MessageConnection.receive() blocks until a message is available. If you are running in a separate message-handling thread, you may choose to just call receive() within a loop to handle all incoming messages. Alternately, you may choose to register a listener with the connection. By implementing the MessageListener class and calling setMessageListener(), your main thread can continue running normally. Your MessageListener class will later be invoked whenever a message becomes available. Note that the invocation may run on your app s main thread, so you should still spawn a separate thread in this situation. A simple anonymous MessageListener may look like the following:
' Set up DML Dim upd As String = _ "update employees " _ & "set " _ & " city = @city " _ & "where " _ & " employeeid = @employeeid "
Understanding Linux Files and Users
Step 3: Writing the C# Code
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