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stopTrack lets us stop the timer and the channel, as well as call the resetPlayer, which handles the logic to reset the player.
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Figure A-10. Viewing the bean definitions within the Spring project
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To code our functionality, you need to import two namespaces: System.Net and System.Net.Mail. The latter namespace provides classes for sending emails. Listing 11-9 shows the Click event handler after adding the necessary code. Listing 11-9. Sending Email from the Code-Behind File protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { SmtpClient client = new SmtpClient("localhost"); client.Credentials = CredentialCache.DefaultNetworkCredentials; MailMessage msg = new MailMessage(); msg.From = new MailAddress(TextBox2.Text); msg.To.Add("you@yourdomain.com"); msg.Subject = TextBox3.Text; msg.Body = "[" + DropDownList1.SelectedItem.Text + "]" + TextBox4.Text + "\r\n" + TextBox1.Text + "\r\n" + TextBox5.Text; client.Send(msg); Label9.Text = "Your message has been sent. Thank you!"; }
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CHAPTER 8: Automating Administrative Tasks
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CHAPTER 18: Backup and Fault Tolerance
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If you have a volume license, the media should contain the serial numbers for your organization and you will need to do nothing more in regard to licensing. After installation, you no longer see the serial numbers but they do update a file called SetupInfo.plist that is stored in the /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Office directory. The contents of this file are as follows (substituting the character 1 to obfuscate my serial information):
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The var Attribute
<Line Canvas.Top="50" Canvas.Left="50" X1="40" Y1="40" X2="100" Y2="100" Stroke="Black" />
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