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oftware systems have moved from stand-alone applications installed on single machines to large, distributed applications hosted over a network of machines. To create executables of stand-alone applications, you opened a command prompt and executed a few commands to convert the source code into executables. To deploy these applications, you took the generated executables and stored them on floppy disks and sneakernetted the application to the clients. The distributed systems of today are considerably more complex; they are much larger and so are their user bases. To build and deploy these systems, you must use predefined processes, along with automated build and deployment tools, to ensure reliability and repeatability. For example, most organizations define what are known as pipelines, and applications are built and deployed automatically to a pipeline for testing and verification. An application starts in an integration environment, then moves to a staging environment, and finally moves to production. At each point, tests are automatically executed in an attempt to ensure quality. At the heart of a build and deployment process is a build and release tool. That is, one tool is responsible for getting, building, and then deploying these applications automatically. Moreover, it is the same tool that is used to migrate the applications from one environment (for example, staging) to another (for example, production). Just as software development tools have evolved, so have the tools that are used to build and deploy them. Why do you need build tools Why aren t scripts or batch files sufficient Well, build tools are a necessary component of application development now because the steps for building software have increased in complexity. Previously, builds required simpler steps, such as copying and moving files, in order to perform the build. Now many applications are using third-party libraries and require more complex tasks, such as file signing and incremental building (more on this in 4). This increase in complexity has given rise to the need for build-specific tools. In other words, people started by building their software, somewhat manually, and realized they needed a repeatable process. Tools such as Make, NMake, Ant/NAnt, and Jam (among others) can create a repeatable process. In this chapter, we will discuss MSBuild, but we will also highlight some of the most popular build tools and build systems used in the recent past. Note that a build tool is a component or application whose sole responsibility is to take source code and produce binaries (for example,
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Note If the software in the recommended and suggested lists is grayed out, that means it s already
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The bitrate (in the context of video files) means the number of bits that are processed or transferred per second. The unit is bps or bit/s (bits per second).
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phpBB s template engine also supports blocks of code. Blocks are defined as HTML comments and are delineated with a BEGIN to start the block and an END to finish the block. One purpose of blocks is to define repeating data, such as the tables on many pages index.php, viewforum.php, and viewtopic.php, to name a few. Here is an example of a repeating block: <!-- BEGIN myblock --> <br />{myblock.COUNTER} <!-- END myblock --> A repeating block is generally identified by the presence of block-specific template variables (the template variables prepended with blockname. before each variable name). These variables are local in scope to the block only, and they cannot be used outside the boundaries of the block. The other reason to use blocks is to display when a certain condition is met, such as whether or not the user is logged in. Here is an example of a conditional block: <!-- BEGIN switch_user_logged_in --> <p>Welcome back to our community!</p> <!-- END switch_user_logged_in --> You ll find that the names of conditional blocks generally start with the prefix switch_ and the condition for executing the command. phpBB s template engine does not necessarily make decisions. Instead, it relies on flags set by the phpBB script to determine whether a block of code should run.
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Note Microsoft has removed support for XSD schema designer from Visual Studio 2008. Microsoft is working on a new tool that will replace the older designer. At the time of this writing, the new schema designer from Microsoft is in CTP1 stage and works only on Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2. Till the final version of the new designer is released, I expect that developers will either continue to use the XSD schema designer available in Visual Studio 2005 or use some third-party tool (such as XMLSpy). The next two sections of this chapter use the XSD schema designer available in Visual Studio 2005.
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Note When passing the method to the constructor, be sure not to include an opening or closing parenthesis ( or ) as in DoSomething(). The previous example uses a static method DoSomething in the same class. When using static methods of other classes, you have to pass SomeClass.SomeMethod, and for instance methods, you pass SomeObject.DoSomething.
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Single-server applications Applications that need to scale to multiple hosts in a network load balancing (NLB) cluster
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When a complete backup of all the data within a SQL Server database is taken. All data, including indexes, are backed up.
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Searching every piece of content is useful for general-purpose search engines, but what if you want the user to select groups of content for a personalized search Or if you have different groups of users, and some can only view certain content Lucene has no built-in way to restrict content to certain classes of users, so you will have to build a custom solution that maps to your user groups or access control. This is especially important for portals that integrate content management systems. Usually, the content management systems will have their own access control solutions. There are two key issues here. The first is that users who do not have access to a piece of content should not see that content in their search results, and the second is that users should be able to do a federated search across all content collections that they have access to.
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CHAPTER 4: Storage
As mentioned, in Silverlight applications running out of browser are running the exact same XAP as the application running in the browser. This is great for developers because you know that the user will have the same experience in both situations. However, what if you wanted to change that experience What if there were some elements to your application that you wanted to change the behavior in the event that users were running the application out of the browser In Silverlight, there are a number of API methods, properties, and events that you can work with to customize your application based on its state. One of these properties is the IsRunningOutOfBrowser property. This property returns true if application is running out of the browser and false if it is running within the browser. You can easily add code that looks at this property and executes accordingly. private void Button_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { if (Application.Current.IsRunningOutOfBrowser) { OOBStatus.Text = "Application Running Out of Browser!"; } else { OOBStatus.Text = "Application Running In Browser"; } } By adding this code, you can then run the application within the browser (see Figure 16-12) and out of the browser (see Figure 16-13) to see that our application can behave differently depending on its state.
Hardware Series
It is important to know how to uninstall a service, in case you need to uninstall the existing service to install a new version. It is common for a developer to develop several builds and several unit tests for each build; in that case, the developer needs to install the new build and uninstall the previous one each time a new service is registered.
The Relational Model: Data Relations
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