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Listing 15-8. Button4_Click()
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Each data-bound control in a Windows application maintains a collection of bindings for all its data-bound properties. This collection can contain a number of individual control property Binding objects. Although a text box is capable of displaying only one value at a time, you bound the Text properties to columns of the Employees table. The Add method has the following parameters: The name of the control property to bind to The data source The name of the data source member to bind to Once bound, the data for the first row in the data table was automatically displayed in the text box controls. This was convenient, but not very useful. You ll see how to move through the rows of the bound table soon, in the section Synchronizing Controls with a Data Source.
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CHAPTER 3: Media Playback
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TIP: After renaming a computer it seems like the very next step most people want to do is to join an Active Directory domain. Joining the Domain can be handled using JoinDomainOrWorkgroup in a Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) script. If you run a script at first boot, you can use the registry in combination with the Startup Items for an administrative user. A combination of the AutoAdminLogon, DefaultUserName and DefaultPassword keys can be used in the HKEY_LOCAL_ MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon path of the registry to enable automatic logon for the virtual machine. After your automations have completed, you will want to edit the same registry keys, remove the DefaultUserName and DefaultPassword contents, and disable the AutoAdminLogon key, possibly using the method described further in the next section, Configuration Management. You can also run a script by passing the script into a command from your virtualization software. For example, the vmrun command could be leveraged to initiate a Visual Basic script as part of an automation. If you have a script that will bind to Active Directory then you can create a post-flight script in your package or leverage a tool, such as Apple Remote Desktop, to send a script through VMware Fusion to your virtual machine and your guest operating system. Assuming the username of an administrator is administrator with a password of SECRETPASSWORD and a path to the Visual Basic script in the c:\scripts\bind.vbs of the WindowsXP host, an example of this command would be the following:
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The controls that are grouped within the Data controls have a specific purpose: they are used to display data on a web page or more likely a series of data or results from a data store, such as a query from a database or even an XML file or stream. The Data controls consist of the GridView, DataList, DetailsView, FormView, Repeater, SqlDataSource, AccessDataSource, ObjectDataSource, XmlDataSource, and the SiteMapDataSource. After we briefly describe these controls, we present an exercise (Exercise 4-2) that shows some of the Data controls in action.
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Designing the Flowchart
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When working with tracking references, handle dereferencing, and so on, you ll find it much easier to understand how it all works if you know how the compiler understands whether a given expression may be on the left or the right of an assignment. In classic C++, expressions that are addressable may appear on the left side of an assignment. An addressable entity is one that has a memory address associated with it, into which a value may be placed. Such an entity is called an lvalue (see Listing 4-16). Other expressions, which may not be assigned to, are referred to as rvalues. They may be used on the right side of an assignment, but not the left. Listing 4-16. Using Lvalues // lvalues.cpp int main() { int i; int j = 10; // "int j" is an lvalue. i = 15; // "i" is an lvalue. 15 = 10; } C++/CLI introduces the concept of a gc-lvalue, an lvalue that has a managed heap address. All gc-lvalues are lvalues, but not all lvalues are gc-lvalues. In practical terms, this means that you can always use a gc-lvalue to represent either managed or native data, but that you cannot use an ordinary lvalue to represent managed data. gc-lvalues are different from lvalues in general because the address of the value may be changed, since it could be moved around by the garbage collection process; the ordinary lvalue is incapable of tracking this. Thus, to ensure type safety, the compiler does not allow lvalues to represent addresses on the managed heap. A gc-rvalue is an entity that can be the addressee of a managed heap address these can appear on the right side of assignment expressions where the left side is a gc-lvalue. A native reference or native pointer cannot be used to refer to a gc-lvalue; instead, a handle or tracking reference must be used to represent a gc-lvalue. Because value types may live on the stack or may live inside a managed heap object, whether they are considered gc-rvalues depends on where they are stored. Listing 4-17 illustrates the various cases. Listing 4-17. GC-lvalues and GC-rvalues // gc_lvalues.cpp value struct V { int i; }; // Error: 15 is NOT an lvalue!
2. And we have the desired result, as shown in Figure 11-35.
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