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Figure 9-16. Enter the default location /VMs then click OK
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Figure 3-1. Client s output for a SingleCall object
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import twitter.api.Twitter; import mx.events.FlexEvent; private var twitterapi:Twitter = new Twitter(); protected function creationCompleteHandler(event:FlexEvent):void { twitterapi.setProxy( "http://localhost:8888/TwitterFlexExample/assets/php/endpoint.php" ); twitterapi.setAuth( "Your-User-Name", "Your-Password" ); // -- make sure to update endpoint.php in order for this script to run -// curl_setopt($ch,CURLOPT_USERPWD,"user:password"); } private function updateStatus(newStatus:String):void { twitterapi.setStatus( newStatus ); } ]]> </fx:Script> <s:TextInput id="textInput" width="200" height="21" x="10" y="10"/> <s:Button label="Update my status" x="220" y="10" click="updateStatus(textInput.text)"/> </s:Application>
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Figure 10-20. Selecting the desired service
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Introducing Imperative Programming
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sudo /usr/sbin/pppd /dev/ttyp4 local noauth proxyarp persist
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{ _collection = collection; } } public function addItem(item:TweetVO):void { _collection.addItem(item); } public function getItem(index:int):TweetVO { return _collection.getItemAt(index) as TweetVO; } public function readAssets(index:Number):TweetVO { var retVal:TweetVO; retVal = _collection.getItemAt(index) as TweetVO; return retVal; } public function get length():Number { return _collection.length; } public function get collection():ArrayCollection { return _collection; } } }
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We move on to the second join order. For a small number of tables (typically five or less), Oracle will do a simple cyclic permutation of the tables, starting from the end of the first join order, working through all possible permutations. So the second join order simply swaps the last two tables. Join order[2]: CHILD[C]#0 PARENT[P]#1 GREATGRANDPARENT[GGP]#3 GRANDPARENT[GP]#2
It is also possible to deploy printer presets using managed preferences. Printer presets are simply pre-configuring a printer s values, such as to turn on duplexing for a supported printer or to turn on grayscale output for another. Though there is no GUI facility for it, the process is pretty straightforward. You ll want to start off with a user environment that has a clean preset list. Configure the printers and the specific presets that you want to deploy. Once perfected, snag the preference file stored in the user s preference folder, specifically ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.print.custompresets.plist. In Workgroup Manager, select the object where you want to deploy the presets, and select the Preferences interface. Once here, click on Details, and click the plus button to add a preference file. Navigate to the com.apple.print.custompresets.plist file and add it in. When adding the plist, you ll likely want to manage import as an Once only setting. Otherwise, you will prevent users from creating their own presets. Managed Printers deployed across multiple groups will result in a combined MCX interaction. That is, a user will have access to all printers deployed from all applicable workgroups, computer groups, etc. Other settings, such as custom presets, or the default printer will result in an override, following the standard MCX pecking order. TIP: There is an option available which allows users to add their own printers. This functionality was limited to admin users until 10.5.7. In environments where administrators needed users to be able to add their own printers, there were workarounds involving editing the /etc/authorization and /etc/cupsd/cupsd.conf files. If these files have been edited, then you will need to undo the edits in order for this feature to start working again.
Comparing .NET Remoting to other remoting schemas is like comparing COM development in Visual Basic to C++. Visual Basic 6 allowed developers to concentrate on the business needs their applications had to fulfill without having to bother with the technical details of COM. The C++ programmers had to know the exact specifications of COM (at least before the introduction of ATL) and implement truckloads of code for supporting them. With .NET this concept of absolute ease of implementation has been extended to the development of distributed applications. There are no proxy/stub-compilation cycles as in Java RMI. You don t have to define your interfaces in a different programming language as you would with CORBA or DCOM. A unique feature is that you don t have to decide up front on the encoding format of remoting requests; instead, you can switch from a fast TCP transport to HTTP by changing one word in a configuration file. You can even provide both communication channels for the same objects by adding another line to the configuration. You are not fixed on one platform or programming language as with DCOM, COM+, and Java EJB. Configuration and deployment is a lot easier than it was in DCOM.
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