.net barcode reader free Figure 14-3. Adding the new class to the project in C#

Attach PDF 417 in C# Figure 14-3. Adding the new class to the project

Portlets communicate with other portlets in the same portlet application through the user s portlet session. In the initial version of the portlet API, this is the only available interportlet communication functionality. Portal vendors may offer a proprietary way to pass messages or events between portlets. Future versions of the portlet API will probably provide a standard for communication. If we have one portlet that has a list of employees, and another portlet that displays their insurance information, the portlets will share a reference to the current employee in the session. Both portlets must be in the same portlet application to share the session. We will create a simple content browser tool that consists of two portlets. One will display a set of topics, and the other will display content. When the user clicks on a link in the topic browser, the portal page will refresh, the portal sends an action request to the topic portlet, and then the portal sends render requests to all of the portlets on the page. The topic portlet reads the id parameter from the action URL when the portlet processes the action request. The portlet then places the id parameter in the portlet session as the contentId parameter in the application scope. We named them differently here to make it clear that the parameter on the action request is distinct from the parameter on the portlet session. The render request and the other portlets in the portlet application do not have access to the action request parameters. There are three key points to remember for interportlet communication using sessions: The portlet places the parameters in the session s application scope. Be sure not to enable caching for the portlets. Changes to the portlet session must occur during an action request to guarantee that the updates propagate to every portlet during the render request. There is no guarantee that the portlets render in any particular order. Synchronization is not required, because only one action request will be processed for each user at one time. Our TopicPortlet class shows how to add a parameter to the session in the processAction() method to communicate with another portlet. We also use the createActionURL() method on the response to create action URLs for our content.
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This demo has a very simple UI that contains a Play button to animate the robot, and a MediaElement to play the sound effect. Notice here that MediaElement.Source is set to sound18.wma, whereas in a previous demo you set the source to the URL. This is because sound18.wma is a type of Content. You can verify this by right-clicking the sound18.wma file found in Solution Explorer to observe its properties, as shown in Figure 15 6.
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You hold the component and button instances you will be testing. This is just an example, but in real UI tests you will be using the actual MXML component. You can create an instance of an MXML component or application just as you are doing in this example.
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Implementing Network Security
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Tip When using EXISTS, it is most common in SQL Server to use * rather than a constant like 1, as it
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Driver for generating traces with manual hash_area_size, with CPU costing Driver for generating traces with automatic hash_area_size, without CPU costing Driver for generating traces with manual hash_area_size, with CPU costing Unit script used by has_nocpu_harness.sql and has_cpu_harness.sql Unit script used by pat_nocpu_harness.sql and pat_cpu_harness.sql Hash join costs with manual hash_area_size and no CPU costing Hash join costs with manual hash_area_size and CPU costing enabled Hash join costs with automatic hash_area_size and no CPU costing Hash join costs with automatic hash_area_size and CPU costing enabled Generates tables for three-way hash join Executes three-way hash join using workarea_size_policy = auto Executes three-way hash join using workarea_size_policy = manual Reports changes in current session s statistics Creates view used by script snap_myst.sql has to be run as SYS Sets a standardized environment for SQL*Plus
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Buffering the Web Method Response
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Whether due to an intrusion, due to a hardware failure, or due to accidental deletion of data (we are our own worse security risks), chances are that at some point you will loose
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this._comments += s; } protected override void CollectValues (out IDictionary<XName, object> readWriteValues, out IDictionary<XName, object> writeOnlyValues) { readWriteValues = new Dictionary<XName, object>(1) { { "Comment", this._comments } }; writeOnlyValues = null; } protected override void PublishValues (IDictionary<XName, object> readWriteValues) { object loadedData; if (readWriteValues.TryGetValue("Comment", out loadedData)) { this._comments = (string)loadedData; } }
Figure 15 20. Configuring the Cisco VPN Authentication Settings
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