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In this chapter, you learned how to set up your Windows Phone development environment. You built a simple Windows Phone 7 application using Visual Studio 2010, interacted with the phone emulator, and then used Microsoft Expression Blend to style the application. In the next chapter, you will learn to build an application that can interact with Microsoft SQL Azure in order to store the data.
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Note that dependencies to components in the GAC1 have a dependencyType attribute set to preRequisite, and components not in the GAC are set to install. For GAC components, ClickOnce will check the GAC for the specified component and will throw an error if the component is not already installed (see Figure 8-2). For assemblies that have dependencyType set to install, ClickOnce will download and install them. Assemblies that belong to a file group have the group attribute set to the name of the group. Note that when you add an assembly to something other than the default (Required) group, the ClickOnce runtime will not download the assembly at install time, and you have to use the ClickOnce APIs to download the assembly at runtime. Dependencies that have to be downloaded using the ClickOnce APIs have the attribute optional set to true. For code dependencies, the optional attribute appears on the dependency element, and for noncode dependencies, the attribute appears on the file element.
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To create code that uses the EmailValidator component to validate the format of a data model, you first need to create the validator MXML:
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and retrieved the values for the output parameter and return value by indexing into the command s parameters collection after the stored procedure returned:
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override public function playTrack(songUrl:String, songLenght:Number=0):void { if (isPause) { replay(); return; }
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Instead of the ForEach activity, you could have used the ParallelForEach activity. They are configured in exactly the same way. The only difference is in how the activities are executed. As its name suggests, the ParallelForEach activity executes the child activities simultaneously, whereas the ForEach activity executes them sequentially. For this project, it really makes no difference which one you use. For more complex activity sequences, running them in parallel might be more appropriate. For example, if you were to send a message and wait for a response, you might want to run them in parallel so the wait time is not compounded. To test this, delete the ForEach activity and drag a ParallelForEach activity in its place. Configure it just as you did the ForEach activity. Then run the application and verify that you get the same results.
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Table 33-1. Common sftp Commands
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Adding Page-to-Page Navigation
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getEngineType: function(){ return this._engineType; }, setEngineType: function(){ this._engineType = engineType; },
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Verify return code: 0 (ok).
Many functions that can be added are automatically given a relevant toolbar icon, but you can choose another icon for a function by selecting the icon in the list in the Customize dialog box, clicking Modify, and then selecting Change Icon. You can also use this method to change an icon that already appears on a toolbar.
The simplest of these methods is the $() syntax. You will use this syntax when referencing properties and only for properties. Now we will discuss the two methods to retrieve item values. Why is there one method to access a property and two methods to access an item As mentioned, a property is a simple key/value pair. So, for every key, there is only a single value. In other words, a property has a one-to-one relationship between the key and value. An item, on the other hand, has a one-tomany relationship. An item can contain many values inside it, but it can also contain just one. Examine the following item definition: <ItemGroup> <MDForm Include="MetaDataFrm.cs"> <Name>Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi</Name> <Email>sayed.hashimi@gmail.com</Email> </MDForm> <!-- Remainder truncated to conserve space --> </ItemGroup> The MDForm item here contains one value inside it, which is MetaDataFrm.cs. Now you will see what happens when you use both methods to access the value for this item and compare the results. The following is a simple target to demonstrate this: <Target Name="VectorScalar1"> <Message Text="%40(MDForm->'% (Filename)'): @(MDForm->'%(Filename)')" /> <Message Text="%25(MDForm.Filename): %(MDForm.Filename)" /> </Target> This target will simply print the value for the filename of this item. Note the use of %40, which is the escape code for the at (@) character; similarly, the % character is escaped with %25. Figure 3-12 shows the output from this target.
n1, n2, v1
Microsoft provides three main services hosted on the cloud to be used by any clients, including Windows Phone devices, as shown in the following: GeoCodeService: Allows an address to be converted to longitude and latitude or convert geocode into the address. Web service can be consumed by accessing the URL at http://dev.virtualearth.net/webservices/v1/geocodeservice/ geocodeservice.svc. RouteService: Includes services such as calculating the distance between two addresses, providing driving and walking directions from address to address, and provides step-by-step navigational service. Web service can be consumed by accessing the URL at http://dev.virtualearth.net/webservices/v1/ routeservice/routeservice.svc. Searchservice: Provides location-based search results. For example, based on the submitted address, it will find restaurants in a 5-mile radius. Web service can be consumed by accessing the URL at http://dev.virtualearth.net/webservices/ v1/searchservice/searchservice.svc.
At the start of this chapter, we mentioned that the rise of the Web and other forms of networks is a major reason for the increasing importance of concurrent and asynchronous programming. Listing 13-13 shows an implementation of a web crawler using asynchronous programming and mailbox-processing techniques. Listing 13-13. A Scalable, Controlled Asynchronous Web Crawler open open open open open System.Collections.Generic System.Net System.IO System.Threading System.Text.RegularExpressions
Dim row as DataRow = dt.Rows(2)
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