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Notice the similarity between the two data providers, SqlClient and OleDb. The differences in their implementations are transparent, and the user interface is fundamentally the same. The ADO.NET OLE DB data provider requires that an OLE DB provider be specified in the connection string. Table 4-4 describes some OLE DB providers.
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As you can see, DependentTarget seems to have executed only once, before the execution of SampleTarget. The output presented in Figure 2-4 does not make it obvious that this target was skipped the second time. If you use the command-line parameter /v:d or /v:diag, it will explicitly state that this target was indeed skipped. Previously it was mentioned that a Target will be described to print the values for the reserved properties; the specification for that target is as follows: <Target Name="PrintReservedProperties"> <Message Text="MSBuildProjectDirectory $(MSBuildProjectDirectory)" /> <Message Text="MSBuildProjectFile $(MSBuildProjectFile)" /> <Message Text="MSBuildProjectExtension $(MSBuildProjectExtension)" /> <Message Text="MSBuildProjectFullPath $(MSBuildProjectFullPath)" /> <Message Text="MSBuildProjectName $(MSBuildProjectName)" /> <Message Text="MSBuildBinPath $(MSBuildBinPath)" /> <Message Text="MSBuildProjectDefaultTargets $(MSBuildProjectDefaultTargets)" /> <Message Text="MSBuildExtensionsPath $(MSBuildExtensionsPath)" /> </Target> : : : : : : : :
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the owner(s) of a particular site, never use your distributed authentication (Drupal ID) to log in to it.
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Instead of creating a dataset:
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Listing 3-11. Injecting a String Property Value <property name="text" value="Hello World"/>
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SQL Server runs as a separate Windows process on a suitable Windows-based computer as we touched on in 1, be it on a standalone desktop machine, or on a server or network. If you open Task Manager and move to the Processes tab, you will see, among other processes, sqlservr.exe. This process or service runs in its own process space, and is isolated from other processes on the machine. This that SQL Server should not be affected by any other piece of software that does not talk to any SQL Server component. If you have to kill any other component s process, the SQL Server engine should continue to run.
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battery, especially if it s already on its last legs!
Located just to the right of the Start button, these small icons let you launch popular programs with a single click.
Step 3: Copy Files to the Packages Folder
The framerate Property
Listing 1-2. Simplifying Connection Acquisition by Using Another Factory
Listing 7-12. The UserDetails Interface
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