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Encode PDF417 in C#.net Figure 13-12. Adjusting the KeySpline property for the ball dropping

VMware Fusion is only one of a number of virtualization tools available for Mac OS X. Parallels is another, and is also a type 2 hypervisor, running as an Application inside of OS X. Parallels is available at http://www.parallels.com. As with Fusion, you will want to obtain a volume license for Parallels Desktop prior to leveraging the mass deployment options we illustrate through the remainder of this section. To get started, first download the Parallels dmg from the Parallels web site.
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CHAPTER 10: Porting Your App
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Understanding Bundles
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A Brief Introduction to Data Tables, Data Columns, and Data Rows
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17. Running the application will now give you the data neatly separated within the list (see Figure 8-25).
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CHAPTER 1: How Did I Get Here
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Using the Automatic Read Operation
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The first finally block to execute is the one paired with the last try block to execute. The finally block is a separate scope from the try block, so, for example, any variables declared in the try block aren t available in the finally block. Also, if you created any stack objects, their destructors would be called at the end of the try block and before the finally block executes. Don t try to use jump statements (e.g., continue, break, or goto) to move into or out of a finally block; it is not allowed. Also, you cannot use the return statement from inside a finally block. If allowed, these constructs would corrupt the stack and return value semantics.
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Notice that the command line specifies the srcfolder option rather than srcdevice. This is for the same reason that you select the volume, rather than the disk, in the graphical interface. At this point, you have a MacBook.dmg image file, so you can mount it. For that, you call on the attach verb and specify the DMG file you d like to mount as follows:
As you know, in classic C++ casting up the conversion hierarchy doesn t require an explicit cast. The same is true in C++/CLI. For example: Derived^ d = gcnew Derived(); Base^ b = d; Casting down the inheritance hierarchy requires the use of safe_cast or dynamic_cast. Base^ b = gcnew Derived(); Derived^ d = safe_cast<Derived^>(b); d = dynamic_cast<Derived^>(b); Both will work, but the behavior is different in the case that the cast fails. dynamic_cast will return nullptr when the cast fails, requiring a null handle check after the cast statement. safe_cast will throw an InvalidCastException instead. Listing 8-18 shows the proper usage: Listing 8-18. Properly Checking Casts Derived^ d; // using safe_cast try { d = safe_cast<Derived^>(b); }
Program code that can be inserted or removed from the kernel in order to support particular pieces of hardware or provide certain kernel functions. Drivers under Windows perform the same function.
You should be able to click the Install button to install the prerequisite and then execute the application (see Figure 8-18). When the application starts, verify that the registry entry was created. That seems like a lot of work, but after doing it a few times, you ll agree that it is extremely easy to add a custom prerequisite to your ClickOnce deployment. If you followed through the example within Visual Studio 2005, then you now know that Visual Studio has IntelliSense support for the two manifests, which makes creating these two files pretty easy. You can install this sample application from http://sayedhashimi.com/downloads/book/ MyCustomPreReqApp/publish.htm. You can also get the source from http://sayedhashimi.com/downloads/book/ MyCustomPreReqApp/CreateRegKeySetupsrc.zip.
Figure 6-7. Creating a Disk Image in NetInstall
And Index-only Queries
Now that you have an idea about the ASP.NET provider model, let s develop an application that configures membership, roles, and profile providers and then uses these features in a website. The general steps that you need to follow are as follows: Configure a database for supporting membership, roles, and profile services. Enable website security. Configure membership, roles, and profile providers. Define application-specific roles. Create a user registration and login page. Add users to roles. Capture profile information.
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