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sudo /sbin/route add -net
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Figure 3-8. The SQLcmd prompt Now you can go ahead and create your database. Type the following SQL into the command line: 1>CREATE DATABASE StoreCmd 2>GO In this line, you create your database. Call it StoreCmd to differentiate from your StoreGUI database. You now have a database called StoreCmd. Now, to make life easier, you will change the default database of your connection by issuing the following SQL: 1> USE StoreCmd 2> Go This tells the connection to now treat StoreCmd as the default database for all operations. You should see a message indicating that the database context has been changed to StoreCmd. Now let s go ahead and create the tables.
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Caution You re now really about to read about unsupported and undocumented features of .NET Framework.
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string connectionString = WebConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["AW"].ConnectionString; SqlConnection sqlCon = new SqlConnection(connectionString); SqlCommand sqlComm = new SqlCommand(); sqlComm.Connection = sqlCon; sqlComm.CommandType = CommandType.Text; sqlComm.CommandText = "SELECT AddressLine1 FROM Person.Address " + "WHERE (PostalCode = N'98011')";
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style="-webkit-transform: translate(2em,0);">1</div> style="border-color: red; -webkit-transform: style="-webkit-transform: translate(-3em,1em);">3</div> style="-webkit-transform: scale(2);">4</div>
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Figure 7-1. Adding a new item 2. The Add New Item dialog will appear. Select the upper-left item, Web Form (Figure 7-2). Notice the prepopulated value in the Name eld: Default.aspx. This is where you can enter a value for the name of your choice; however, for this example you will leave the name Default.aspx. Be sure to also check the Place code in separate le option and verify that the Language is set to Visual Basic.
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You can easily clear an existing array by passing it into Array.clear. The resulting array will be completely empty, so its length will be 0. how to generate code 39 barcode
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You will not have to know anything about PortletConfig for this example. We can either extend GenericPortlet directly or extend a class that already extends GenericPortlet. If you have portlets with related functionality, you should probably develop your own base portlet classes that extend GenericPortlet. For instance, if you are integrating a customer relationship management (CRM) system with your portal, you might have a portlet that displays active sales cycles, and another portlet that has sales contact information. If both of these use a similar connection to a back-end CRM system, you could put the connector functionality into a common base portlet class. Of course, abstracting that functionality into a class that does not use the portlet API at all would be even better, to leverage the common code with Swing or web applications. One unlikely reason to use a different base class would be if you were using a portal container that provides functionality beyond the standard portlet API. If you were going to use these proprietary features, you might need to extend a portlet class that the portal vendor provides. As far as we know, no currently existing portals support this scenario, but it would be one reason to use a different base portlet class. Portlets that subclass the GenericPortlet class get implementations of the default functionality for a portlet, which makes developing easier. The portlet will have to override at least one of the methods on the GenericPortlet abstract class to provide the desired functionality. With any upgrade to the portlet API, you should check the GenericPortlet class to see what has changed between versions. If your classes extend the GenericPortlet abstract class, they will likely pick up default implementations of any new methods added to the Portlet interface, but that does not necessarily mean you should accept these defaults. You may need to override the doDispatch() method for one of two reasons. The first would be to support any custom modes the portal vendor provided for the server. The doDispatch() method can only delegate to the doView(), doEdit(), and doHelp() methods. The second reason would be to support content display for the minimized window state.
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Create Additional Local Directory Nodes datamatrix lesen
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One benefit of using .resx files is that Windows Phone 7 will automatically find and use the resource file appropriate for the user s locale based on the current user s culture settings. Another benefit of resource files comes from the concept of culture hierarchy mentioned previously .NET Framework provides a default fallback mechanism (i.e., going one level up in the culture hierarchy) for those resources that have not been localized. Also, .resx files are easily parseable by external tools, since they are simply XML files. This allows easy editing of those files by third-parties (such as translation services).
There are a number of things going on in this listing, which, once you understand them, will help you to understand how to lay elements out in Silverlight XAML. First, notice that each of the rectangles is contained within a Canvas. The first, or white, rectangle (the one with the Fill="White" attribute set) has its Canvas.Top property set to 19. This means that it will be drawn 19 pixels down from its container. Its container Canvas has a Canvas.Top of 59 and a Canvas.Left of 8. This Canvas is contained by the root Canvas thus, the white rectangle will be drawn 78 pixels down from the top of the screen and 8 pixels from the left. Similarly, the black rectangle s position is determined by its Canvas.Top and Canvas.Left properties relative to its container Canvas. Next, you will notice that the dimensions of the rectangles are set so that they are actually overlapping and occupying some of the same screen real estate. As mentioned earlier, Silverlight will draw later elements on top of earlier ones, so the black rectangle should be drawn on top of the white one. Figure 16-1 shows how this will appear when it is rendered.
Web Server Security in Mac OS X Server
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