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As you can see, the names follow a convention, using Connection prefixed by an identifier for the data provider. Since all connection classes implement System.Data.IDbConnection, the use of each one is similar. Each has additional members that provide methods specific to a particular database. You used connections in 9. Let s take a closer look at one of them, SqlConnection, in the namespace System.Data.SqlClient.
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Figure 1-13. Northwind Installation Scripts Installation Complete
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Listing 12-2. RunSp2: Module1.vb
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How It Works
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Note I have not included any input validation code in the examples so as to keep the examples focused
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property of the ReportViewer; it should be Local.
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The portion of services-config.xml at /flex/WEB-INF from our BlazeDS installation, where three of these four files are included (BlazeDS does not have data management features), is as shown here:
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Writing Hello, World! in a Click
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On the other hand, if query_rewrite_enabled = true, then 8i and 9i will keep the join predicate even in this case, hence where and and x = 10 y = 10 x = y
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Getting Pinned
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{Path to JDE installation directory}\bin\SignatureTool.jar {Cod Name}.cod
You may also work with the entire request parameters as a Map object, with the getParameterMap() method. This method will return a Map of the request parameter names and values. The values in the Map are String arrays. If there are no parameters on the request, the Map will be empty.
These boxes were created as two pieces a top and a bottom. As such, each part has to be prototyped meaning the cost doubles. In some situations, your mechanical designer could create a one-piece clamshell design where the bottom is more of a flap that is hinged to the top. I tried going this route, but it just didn t work for my accessory. I suspect there are very few cases where it would be successful. For FDM prototypes, the necessity to create two pieces for a single part isn t too big a deal. Some fab houses will cut you a break on your parts, especially if they see more business from you in the future. After all, an FDM prototype is a kind of a push the button
Although AS3 doesn t really support real Abstract, developers should resist instantiating Abstract classes or use one of the available hacks (such as creating a singleton) to ensure the abstract class doesn t get instantiated. These solutions are hack-ish, but they get the job done
In this chapter, you learned how to set up just about every piece of hardware you might have attached to your computer. Additionally, we looked at configuring various software components that are vital for Ubuntu s correct functioning. We stepped through getting online with Ubuntu (including joining a wireless network), configuring e-mail, adding a printer, connecting to a digital camera, configuring a 3D graphics card, and much more. In 9, we move on to look at how you can ensure that your system is secure and protected.
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