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Only four other lines had to change to use the OLE DB data provider classes for the connection, command, and data reader:
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You ll also see that the main toolbar of Rhythmbox has changed. Several new icons appear, allowing you to purchase and download the album, buy a physical CD, or learn more about the artist.
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Making the Changes
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Figure 12-4. Form1 with RS and CR ReportViewers
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Figure 7-2. Backing up a database (full recovery model) Although we have chosen our own database to back up, we could alter which database by changing the value in the combo box. Next is the backup type, of which we have three options to choose from: Full, Differential, and Transaction Log. The first possibility, full backup, is straightforward. Selecting the Full option will ensure that the whole database will be backed up. All the tables, the data, and so on are backed up if we use this option. We also back up enough of the transaction log (transactions committed via code, but not physically applied to the relevant tables at the point of backup).
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The combination of binary message support and the ability to direct messages to particular applications can make text messages an attractive data delivery vehicle. Consider, for example, writing a play-by-SMS chess game. Both players would have a copy of the app on their phone showing the board. Whenever a move is made, the game sends the details of that move to the opponent s phone number. When that phone receives the move, it notifies the user and updates their local view of the board. This game takes advantage of the store-and-forward design of existing SMS infrastructure, so if one player s phone is turned off, the message will wait until the phone becomes available. The following code demonstrates how to construct and send such a binary SMS message.
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If you specified a passphrase, you will be asked for it; otherwise, it will automatically grant you access. TIP: If you are using single sign-on with a Mac OS X Server, then authentication will be handled by Kerberos instead and won t need to implement key-based login. When using keypairs without passphrases, it is imperative that the private key not fall into the wrong hands. If a compromised passphrase is suspected, the key should be removed from the authorized_keys file of any computer on which it has been installed, and a new keypair should be generated immediately.
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Listing 17-11. Creating the xml2tbl1 Stored Procedure
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public static Connection getConnection(String path) throws ForumException { // Acquire a connection from the DataSource
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AddressPlottingDemo has a very simple UI, consisting of the textblock for capturing the address, the button to invoke a method for plotting the address onto the map, and the Bing Maps Silverlight control.
App_Data: Database and XML files App_GlobalResources: Global resource files, such as those related to localization App_LocalResources: Resource files associated with specific controls or pages App_WebReferences: Web reference discovery files and service descriptions (wsdl) Bin: Third-party binaries, libraries these are automatically referenced in the web
<s:operation name="ItemLookup" resultFormat="object" fault="faultHandler(event)" result="itemResultHandler(event)" >
Table 8-1. Content Handler Actions
CHAPTER 11: Setting Up the Mac OS X Firewall
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