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Tip I used the Collapse All link at the top right of the workflow designer to see all the activities and still be able
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Figure 5 44. Configuring a parallel convoy
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Integration through Web Services
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Table 11-1 lists the most commonly used error codes.
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3. Run the program by pressing Ctrl+F5. Click the ADO.NET Exception-2 button, and you ll see the message box in Figure 16-5. Click OK. When the Finally block message appears, click OK, and then close the window.
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Cool Shell Tricks
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{ AddEvent(e2.Message); } } public void AddNewRequest(ReservationRequest request) { this.requestList.Dispatcher.BeginInvoke (new Action(() => this.requestList.Items.Add(request))); } public ListBox GetEventListBox() { return this.lstEvents; } private void AddEvent(string szText) { lstEvents.Items.Add(szText); } } }
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Figure 8-3. Ubuntu is able to join WPA-protected wireless networks.
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lblStatus.Text = text; _updatingMediaTimeline = false; } }; }
Wireless Security on Client Computers
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