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sure to change the DataType of ReorderPoint to System.Int32.
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were carried forward with minimal changes. WF 4.0, however, is a completely new design. The activities and services from WF 4.0 are not interchangeable with previous versions. So you can design, implement, and maintain workflows using the WF 3.5 approach. Or you can choose to use the WF 4.0 paradigm; either will work fine. But you cannot switch back and forth, except for a few scenarios that are described later in this book. In WF 3.5, there was a code class and a designer class. The code class contained the implementation for the CodeActivity objects. It also contained the definition of the class members and the event handler code. In WF 4.0, there is no code class. Probably the most notable effect of this is that there is no CodeActivity object in WF 4.0. To compensate for this, WF 4.0 provides activities to accomplish some of the common tasks previously performed by CodeActivity objects. WriteLine and Assign are two such activities. If the built-in activities are not sufficient, you can create a custom activity to perform the task you would have used a CodeActivity for. Another key difference is the explicit use of variables and arguments. Again, because there is no code file, you can t simply add class members as you would with normal class development. Instead, you have to define these using the Workflow way. Finally, you may have noticed when looking at the Program.cs file that there is no WorkflowRuntime class. Previously, you would have created the WorkflowRuntime class and then called its CreateWorkflow() method. With WF 4.0, the code simply calls this: WorkflowInvoker.Invoke(new Workflow1()); Throughout this document, you will undoubtedly notice other differences. For example, there is no longer a state machine workflow. I won t point these out because the purpose of this book is not to illustrate the differences. However, I did want to note some of the obvious changes just in case, like me, you had to scratch your head for a few minutes when looking at WF 4.0 for the first time.
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$ hdiutil chpass ~/Desktop/mySecureImage.sparsimage Enter password to access "mySecureImage.sparseimage": Enter a new password to secure "mySecureImage.sparseimage": Re-enter new password:
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Note Confusingly, when talking about bits, the first bit is known as bit 0, the second bit is known as bit 1, and the byte is made up of bits 0 through 7. Therefore, the TransactionId column is bit 0, and the Amount column is bit 4. We will use this convention from this point onwards.
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CHAPTER 1: Directory Services
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In this chapter, you received a general overview of Reactive Extensions for .NET and their implementation of the Observer pattern. You built three applications that demonstrated the features of Rx.NET, including event representation as Observable data sources and seamless concurrent asynchronous processing and error handling. You have also observed techniques for managing
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Figure 17-10. Using OPENXML with element-centric XML
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table1 All text boxes inside table1 TableRow1 TableRow1 Column1 TableRow1 Column2 TableRow1 Column3 TableRow1 Column3 TableRow1 Column4 TableRow1 Column4 TableRow1 Column5 TableRow1 Column5 TableRow1 Column5 TableRow2 Column1 TableRow2 Column2 TableRow2 Column3 TableRow2 Column3 TableRow2 Column4 TableRow2 Column4 TableRow2 Column5 TableRow2 Column5 TableRow3 TableRow3 Column4 TableRow3 Column4 TableRow3 Column5
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The standard visual effects, used when the Normal setting is chosen, add shadows to windows and also add minimize animations so that programs literally appear to shrink into the panel. You might also notice that inactive windows and their title bars are translucent. Additionally, when a window is opened or closed, you see the window appear or fade away, respectively. There are several more subtle visual effects, requiring particular key combinations, as follows: Visually impaired tools: To zoom into any area of the screen, press the Windows key and turn the mouse wheel to adjust the zoom level. You can also press Windows+1, 2, or 3 key to zoom into three different levels, respectively. Additionally, you can invert the colors (like a photographic negative) either for the entire desktop or just for the current program window. Press Windows+N to toggle the window as a negative, as shown in Figure 10-6. Press Windows+M to toggle the entire screen as a negative.
Next, copy the OrderProcess subfolder from the 04 folder to the 05 folder, as shown in Figure 5-2.
The .NET Framework provides two types of container classes: the nongeneric container classes that hold references to Object and the generic collection classes. The so-called weakly typed collections were made available in the 1.0 version of the .NET Framework, and are still available in later versions. The generic collections became available in .NET Framework 2.0 with Visual Studio 2005. The generic collections are strongly typed, meaning that the objects in the collection are restricted to a specific type, and compilers will detect any attempt to insert the incorrect type into the container. In a weakly typed collection class, it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that objects inserted into the collection are of the appropriate type. Usually, objects are cast dynamically back to the appropriate type when they are retrieved from the collection. If objects of the wrong type are inserted, they will produce a runtime InvalidCastException when retrieved.
CHAPTER 6: Mass Deployment
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