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/// <summary> /// Summary description for NetIncome /// </summary> public class NetIncome { private string _country; private double _currentYear; private double _lastYear; public string Country { get { return _country; } set
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CHAPTER 16: Server Security
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Remoting Architecture
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which you could drag activities onto the new activity. This created a sequence of activities that is actually a miniworkflow. The template for this type is called Activity. The second type creates a code file in which you can override the Execute() method. This allows you to define a new activity, not a sequence of existing activities. The template for this is called Code Activity. To help you remember which to use, look at the default file extension when you select the template. The first creates a .xaml file while the second creates a .cs file. The .xaml file is used by the workflow designer, while the .cs file is a code file where you override the Execute() method.
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ory. We don t need to do this for our simple examples.
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1. This first example will create a trigger that will execute when a stored procedure is created, altered, or dropped. When it finds this action, it will check the time of day, and if the time is during the working day, then the action will be disallowed and be rolled back. On top of this, we will raise an error listing the stored procedure. This will allow you to see how to retrieve information from the EVENTDATA() function. The final action is to roll back the changes if an action is happening during the working day. CREATE TRIGGER trgSprocs ON DATABASE FOR CREATE_PROCEDURE, ALTER_PROCEDURE, DROP_PROCEDURE AS IF DATEPART(hh,GETDATE()) > 9 AND DATEPART(hh,GETDATE()) < 17 BEGIN DECLARE @Message nvarchar(max) SELECT @Message = 'Completing work during core hours. Trying to release - ' + EVENTDATA().value ('(/EVENT_INSTANCE/TSQLCommand/CommandText)[1]','nvarchar(max)') RAISERROR (@Message, 16, 1) ROLLBACK END 2. We can now test the trigger. Depending on what time of day you run the code, the following will either succeed or fail. CREATE PROCEDURE Test1 AS SELECT 'Hello all' 3. Try running the preceding code between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. so that it is possible to see the creation fail. Running the code in the afternoon provided me with the following error:
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Figure 5-9. Table properties 13. Now that we are finished, we can save the table either by clicking the Save toolbar button, which sports a floppy disk icon, or by clicking the X (close) button on the Table Designer to close the window, which should bring up the Save dialog box, asking if we want to save the changes. By clicking Yes, we get a second box asking for the name of the table if we didn t enter a table name in the Table Properties dialog
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Different Program Data Types
Best Practices for Combating Malware
Reacting to Menu Events
// // defines the performance // of the computer player. // higher number equals better // computer player // #define COMP_REACTION_TIME 15 // // COMP_SETUP_TIME is a variable // that also determines computer // performance. In general, it adjusts // how soon the computer reacts by // adding y-position info to the // check of where the ball is. // #define COMP_SETUP_TIME 40 // // WALL_MARGIN adds a delta distance // from the edges of the wall to check // when to "bounce" the ball. If it were // not added, then the ball might look like // it went "into" the wall before bouncing. // #define WALL_MARGIN 5 @implementation pongViewController // // Use @synthesis to create all the // necessary getters and setters // @synthesize ball; @synthesize playerPaddle; @synthesize compPaddle; @synthesize @synthesize @synthesize @synthesize @synthesize @synthesize @synthesize @synthesize @synthesize @synthesize @synthesize ballSpeed; status; playerPaddleLeft; playerPaddleLeftUp; playerPaddleRight; playerPaddleRightUp; playerScore; playerScoreView; compScore; compScoreView; winOrLoseView;
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