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Up until now, we have been using XmlReader and XmlWriter to read textual data. However, at times you may need to deal with nontextual data as well. For example, you may want to serialize image files or binary files as XML data in order to pass it over the Internet in a firewallfriendly way. Thankfully, both XmlTextReader and XmlTextWriter provide ways to handle such situations. To help you understand how XmlTextReader and XmlTextWriter can be used to work with nontextual data, we will develop an application like the one shown in Figure 3-16.
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Try It Out: Using the CASE Statement
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Translating Strings
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Now that you have created a custom implementation of XmlReader, let s move further and see how to create a custom XmlWriter. As an example, we will create an RSS writer that emits RSS feeds. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a standard way to share your website content with others. It is nothing but standardized XML markup that describes the content you want to share. Because RSS is a widely accepted format, your content immediately becomes ready to be consumed by others. Listing A-5 illustrates an RSS document. Listing A-5. Sample RSS Markup <rss version="2.0"> <channel> <title>DotNetBips.com Latest Articles</title> <link>www.dotnetbips.com</link> <description>DotNetBips.com Latest Articles</description> <copyright>Copyright (C) DotNetBips.com. All rights reserved.</copyright> <generator>www.dotnetbips.com RSS Generator</generator> <item> <title>Using WebRequest and WebResponse</title> <link>http://www.dotnetbips.com/displayarticle.aspx id=239</link> <description>Description here</description> <pubDate>Sun, 25 Jan 2004 12:00:00 AM GMT</pubDate> </item> </channel> </rss>
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When looking at the remoting of events for the first time, it seems like a perfect solution for a recurring design question: what if I need to notify a number of clients of important changes in data Can t they just subscribe to a certain server-side event that will be invoked later The theoretical answer is yes. In practice, however, the way .NET Remoting handles these kinds of events might not be up to your requirements of stability and reliability. Actually, it s not really all the fault of the .NET Remoting framework, but is partly caused by the way the TCP protocol works. But let s start with the basics: let s assume that you have a few hundred clients that subscribe to a server-side event. From the previous chapters, you already know that whenever an event is invoked, a TCP connection originating from the server to the client is established. The invocation of the event is transferred to the client as if it were a normal .NET Remoting method call. In fact, it is just this: a normal method call with the main distinction that client and server have changed their roles. Knowing this, you now have basically two options: you can notify all clients sequentially or in parallel. If you want to notify them in sequence, you have to take into account that the distribution of data might take a while, as some clients might react more slowly than others. In fact, if a client couldn t respond in time, then this might in turn cause your server application to hang. However, if you decide to notify all clients in parallel for example, by using BeginInvoke() you can run into another issue. The .NET Remoting framework uses the underlying standard .NET thread pool to handle incoming requests. This pool consists of 25 threads per CPU.
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Network enumeration is the process of identifying domain names and their associated networks. Enumeration involves querying whois databases and performing DNS lookups. Whois databases often hold names and contact information for people involved in managing a domain, and the date a domain was registered. The information gathered from these inquiries can be used to facilitate Social engineering attacks. Social engineering is the art of convincing network users to divulge private information (information they should not be giving out) about the network, such as IP addresses, usernames, and even passwords. In some cases, a lucky (or skillful) attacker only needs to ask a user nicely for their password.
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It is a hopeless task trying to write a definitive book about the cost based optimizer it changes faster than you can write (at least, faster than I can write). Since starting this volume, I have gone through the 10g beta,,, and as I write today, I am busy retesting everything on (and 10.2 came out before the book went to print) and in-lists have changed. In fact, any selectivity outside the low/high range has changed. Go back to the data set (see script in_list_10g.sql in the online code suite for a special variant) and try the following queries:
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ByteArrayInputStream input = new ByteArrayInputStream(cardData); PIM pim = PIM.getInstance(); PIMItem[] items = pim.fromSerialFormat(input, "UTF-8"); if (items.length > 0 && items[0] instanceof Contact) { Contact imported = (Contact) items[0]; }
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Develop a Routine
Executing the Command
Figure 18-2. Cross-language debugging with the Visual Studio debugger
The Maximum Posts on Group Home Page field determines how many content teasers will be shown on the group s home page before pagination begins. Checking the Show Member Pictures field will result in avatars being shown for content posts. However, this works only if user pictures have been configured (by selecting administer settings users).
Figure 5-20. Command button
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