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selecting an entry on the menu function list, and then click the Add button.
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Organization founded by Netscape to create open source Internet software, such as web browsers and e-mail clients; originally based on the Netscape source code. At the time of this writing, it produces the Firefox and Camino web browsers, the Thunderbird e-mail and Usenet client, the Bugzilla bug-tracking software, as well as other programs.
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Error Reporting
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Step 2: Designing the Report Layout
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UPS backup power. You can change settings for only a specific state with the following flags, which fall into the first positional parameter:
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Figure 9-5. Browsing our servlet-generated feed
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wrong, you could cause other programs to stop running.
When the user clicks the Add button, the SaveNote method from the NotepadViewModel instance will be called. Any direct calls to NotepadService will be handled from NotepadViewModel, leaving the handling of the web service call complexity centralized to NotepadViewModel. This is a great abstraction technique, allowing you to easily maintain the application. private void btnSave_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(txtNote.Text)) { NotepadViewModel.Instance.SaveNote(txtNoteName.Text, txtNote.Text); } }
There are two types of annotations available to Hibernate. For the basic mapping information, Hibernate takes advantage of standard JPA annotations in the javax.persistence package namespace. A Hibernate entity mapped exclusively by using these annotations can be supported by other JPA-compliant ORM tools. Hibernate also offers a set of Hibernatespecific annotations that can be used to enable additional Hibernate features. Although we are using a Hibernate-specific set of Spring implementation classes, my implementation does not require any Hibernate-specific annotations.
you can use the RemotingHelper class, discussed in 6.
We ll begin by building an application to work with the local storage on a phone. The application, IsolatedStorageStoreImageDemo, whose UI is shown in Figure 13 2, demonstrates the basic functions available through the isolated storage APIs, including the following: Retrieve application-specific isolated storage Get isolated storage quota Save and retrieve isolated storage files
Creating Assemblies, DLLs, and EXEs
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