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Figure 5-17. Source Control Explorer toolbar
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Note As in real life, a group can have many members and can be based around various interests. In a
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Introducing Data Readers
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The membership feature automatically tracks the number of failed attempts to log in, and when the limit is reached, even if the correct credentials are supplied, access is denied. Access continues to be denied until the locked-out user is unlocked by another user, typically an administrator. The code to unlock a user is slightly different than what we have seen to this point. When another user or administrator logs in, they will unlock the user with the following code: Dim currentuser As MembershipUser = Membership.GetUser(textUsername.Text) currentuser.UnlockUser() The GetUser method is different here in that a specific user is passed as a parameter; the UnlockUser method can then be called from that MembershipUser object.
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You already collect information about almost everything interesting that occurs in your app within the StatusUpdater class. You can easily extend this class to hold that logging information in memory, and provide a way to get access to it. This can be useful if you see that something has gone wrong but the onscreen messages have already been replaced. Listing 11-1 shows the changes to StatusUpdater. To maintain a single unified log that captures the use of all individual instances, use a single static instance of a Vector that holds the old log messages.
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Whether recording is supported true or false Supported audio capture formats Space-delimited set of audio formats (e.g., audio/pcm audio/amr ). null if not supported.
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In the previous section, you saw a range of resources that are best managed explicitly, preferably by automatically cleaning up the construct at the end of its lifetime using constructs such as use x = expr and idioms such as System.IDisposable. You also saw that two resources are managed automatically, stack and heap-allocated memory, with the latter allocated on the garbage-collected heap. Stack space is needed every time you call an F# function and is reclaimed when the function returns or when it performs a tail call, which is discussed in a moment. It s perhaps surprising that stack space is more limited than space in the garbage-collected heap. For example, on a 32-bit Windows machine, the default settings are such that each thread of a program can use up to 1MB of stack space. Because stack is allocated every time a function call is made, a very deep series of nested function calls causes a StackOverflowException to be raised. For example, on a 32-bit Windows machine, the following program causes a stack overflow when n reaches about 79000: let rec deepRecursion n = if n = 1000000 then () else if n % 100 = 0 then printfn "--> deepRecursion, n = %d" n deepRecursion (n+1) printfn "<-- deepRecursion, n = %d" n You can see this in F# Interactive: > deepRecursion 0;; --> deepRecursion, n = 0 ... --> deepRecursion, n = 79100 --> deepRecursion, n = 79200 --> deepRecursion, n = 79300 Process is terminated due to StackOverflowException Session termination detected. Press Enter to restart.
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s Since SSE databases cannot exceed 4GB, this technique may be your only alternative for very large Tip
Changing Accounts En Masse
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"> function getURLString() { var name = decodeURIComponent(window.location.search.substring(6)) || ""; sendInfoToFlexApp('${application}').getParams(name); document.write(name); } function sendInfoToFlexApp(appName) { if (navigator.appName.indexOf ("Microsoft") !=-1) { return window[appName]; } else { return document[appName]; } } </script>
Figure 14-2. Computing a data table using Listing 14-4
1 inch ! 0.25 inches.
From this point you can run these tests by loading the assembly into the NUnit GUI runner. To do this, select File Open, and open the assembly that was just built. Following this, you will see the window shown in Figure 4-4.
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