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I m using the same keyboard, mouse, and monitor across several computers, courtesy of a keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM) switch. When Ubuntu boots, the resolution is wrong and the graphics are corrupted. (Also, my keyboard or mouse doesn t work correctly.)
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A portlet URL may indicate that it needs a connection in a secure mode with the setSecure() method on the PortletURL object. The method takes an argument of true for requiring security or false for not requiring security. If the portal does not support the requested security mode, this method will throw a PortletSecurityException:
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In order to confirm or compensate an activity you ll need a handle to it, which is referred to as a token. Click the Variables link at the bottom left of the designer. You should see an empty collection of variables, as shown in Figure 17-17.
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Now What Do I Do
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The XML data type provides some methods to query XML columns or variables. Some of these methods are listed in Table 10-5. Some of these methods are discussed in the following sections.
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return: retmsg return: sth
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Tip Getting rid of a selection or path you ve drawn is easy. In the case of a path, simply click any other
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Try It Out: Creating a Simple Console Application Using the ODBC Data Provider
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<fx:Binding source="textInput1.text" destination="textInput2.text" twoWay="false" />
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Active Patterns ( 9) let (|Tag1|Tag2|) let (|Tag1|_|) let (|Tag1|) inp = ... inp = ... inp = ...
example. On the other hand, if you know exactly what attachments you are expecting, you can retrieve them directly.
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