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Figure 11-32. Creating new users by using the CreateUserWizard control Add Users to Roles Now that you have created two users, it s time to add them to a role. To do so, you will again invoke the Web Site Administration tool. This time you need to click the Manage Users link from the Security tab. You can then edit the required users and add them to the required roles (Figure 11-33).
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The result is shown in Figure 6-11. As you can see, the icon and text are resized to fit each ViewBox and the proportion and positioning is maintained.
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The first generation of Apple AirPorts, the AirPort (graphite), the AirPort Extreme (snow), and the AirPort Express, shipped with the AirPort Admin Utility. To configure an AirPort using the AirPort Admin Utility, open the application from /Applications/Utilities, and select the AirPort to configure from the list of AirPorts the computer can detect (see Figure 12 1).
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In this section, you will build an application that searches Flickr photos asynchronously using Rx.NET. In particular,you will learn how to create Observable data sources from events, as well as how to
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sent referencing an invalid party, BizTalk will suspend the message when trying to route the message to the party specified.
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Working at the MetaData Level
{ throw new ApplicationException(ex.Message); } } #endregion } } Use the following steps to create, install, and implement a custom pipeline component. 1. Create a new Class Library .NET project as shown in Figure 4 22. Custom pipeline components can be coded in any .NET language. This example is implemented in C#.
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