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Although versioning is built into the Common Language Runtime, versioning for distributed applications is still (and will ever be) a hard challenge. Before I share some architectural and design thoughts, let s take a look at how versioning can be implemented technically with .NET Remoting.
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Fibre Channel
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on the right side of the screen to select the restore point you are going to restore to (see Figure 18 7). Next, browse to the file or folder you want to restore, and click the Restore button.
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Figure 3-11. Managing the Dock for active directory users
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dataBindingUnderTheHood-binding-generated.as creates a class to behave as a wrapper for the UIComponent property. We will explain this code in more detail when we cover implicit data binding.
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Apple has created a number of remote management programs that are included with Mac OS X. In this section we will cover the two that are available graphically: Apple Remote Desktop and Screen Sharing. We will also cover Back to My Mac, which uses Screen Sharing to establish connectivity between two systems via the MobileMe service.
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Table 7-1. Windows Desktop Features Equivalents Under Ubuntu
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Figure 16 2. The Saved Photos folder is available once at least one photo has been saved there.
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The Adobe OSMF framework consists of the following building blocks: MediaPlayer: The MediaPlayer class represents the controller class for media playback. You can play any type of media (video, audio, images, SWFs, etc.). Instead of using DisplayObject, use MediaPlayerSprite. To use the media, you can employ the following methods: play(), pause(), seek(), as well as the following properties: volume, autoRewind, loop. The events for the media are: seekingChange, volumeChange, complete. MediaElements and Traits: The MediaElement class represents a unified media presentation (video, image, or a grouping of media that s shown together). It takes a resource (URL, array of dynamic streams, etc.). You can then present/play the media using one or more MediaTraitBase. MediaTraitBase represents an intrinsic capability of a piece of media (ability to play, ability to seek, audio, etc.). This class is dynamic in nature, can come and go over the life of the media Trait APIs; it is also media-type-agnostic. Keep in mind that not all traits apply to all media types. For instance, AudioElement doesn't have DisplayObjectTrait, and ImageElement doesn't have PlayTrait.
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Character Values
Creating Remoting Clients
CPU costing disabled, manual hash_area_size allocation CPU costing enabled, manual hash_area_size allocation CPU costing disabled, automatic hash_area_size allocation CPU costing enabled, automatic hash_area_size allocation has_nocpu_harness.sql has_cpu_harness.sql pat_nocpu_harness.sql pat_cpu_harness.sql
getVisibility() will return the currently set keyboard visibility state. VirtualKeyboard can only be used by BlackBerry CLDC applications. If developing a MIDlet, you have access to VirtualKeyboardControl, which provides similar methods for querying, showing, and hiding the virtual keyboard. You can obtain a VirtualKeyboardControl by creating a BlackBerryCanvas or BlackBerryGameCanvas and retrieving the virtual keyboard from getControl() or getControls().
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